QUILTERS: I'm turning a room with NO natural light into a sewing space - I need the perfect paint color (a true White?) and a recommendation for some sort of "true color" lighting - this is a utilitarian space for function - not style, Please post ANY ideas, links, paint colors here - Your ideas are appreciated!

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I also had 3 areas to light.  My husband purchased me a 3 light halogen light fixture from home depot.  Here is the link http://www.homedepot.com/Lighting-Fans-Indoor-Lighting-Indoor-Ceili....  The lights are 50 watt halogen lights.

Hi Susan-

I just moved up from my basement near the laundry to a room with 2 windows on the main floor of my house. I needed to strip wallpaper and remove old carpet to reveal nice wood floors. The woodwork is a fruit wood stain. My first impulse was a white or cream for the walls so that the colors I work with would be as true as possible.

Someone suggested something in the grey family, and to check out  samples of colors painted on the walls of a large function room to be repainted of our church when I realized that some colors almost disappeared into the walls. I went back to the paint store and brought home samples of colors in the green family, as my room overlooks greenery outside the windows anyway. My husband and I both realized that one soft sage green was so neutral that it was perfect. We painted in a matte finish.

The end result is that my room looks great, the soft green compliments the fruitwood and the wood floors and is so neutral- that i am not worried about impact on fabric colors.

I only have a standard overhead light and will be investigating lighting as darkness returns earlier and earlier as August comes to an end.

I guess what am saying is that white/cream is not always the way to go.



I just joined this group, so I've enjoyed reading through everyone's posts.  My two cents worth would be to select a color that you like since you'll be spending a lot of time in your room.  From what you wrote above, I believe you did just that!

My quilting room is a chocolate brown.  I have cherry cabinets all along one wall, and the other three walls are all windows since I share the sunroom as my sewing room.

I like being in here and the colors are happy colors for me.

The one thing I would add to lighting that I didn't see mentioned, is the Bendable Bright Light that you can attach to your machine.  I absolutely love this light.  I can direct it to the presser foot as I sew, or bend the light so that I can see better when I'm "unsewing!"  I googled it to find a good price on it.  I'm not sure if Joann's has them where you could use a 40% off coupon or not.  I also have task lighting under the wall cabinets, ceiling can lights and additional tabletop Ott-type lights that I bought at Hancock's Fabrics.  That's plenty of light to see at any type of day or weather.

Glad you got your room all done and you are enjoying it, I bet!

I agree with the light yellow it is like letting in the sunhine and makes any space bright and cheerful. I hope you enjoy your new space.

I have been reading the replies to your question and noticed a lot of people are suggesting ott lights, if you are interested Joann's have them half off this weekend and if you have a 25% coupon that will bring it down even more. They have both the ones that sit on the floor as well as desk top models on sale. Good luck on your room & please post pictures.

Judy in S.E. Lower Michgan

My sewing room is a light blue almost white.  I use an ott lite at my machine but I also have the halogen light fixture which you will see in my previous comment.  My floors are engineered hardwood floors so they are easy to dust and I do not have to worry about pins in carpet.  I have two folding plastic tables that I purchased at costco.  One is 6 foot and the other one is 4 foot.  They are set perpendiculare to each other .  I also have a cutting table in the space that I purchased at Joann fabrics with a 50% off coupon (love them) that is also how I got my ott lite so cheap.  I

I think any color will work its getting it in the right hue which will make all the difference,keep to a color which is warm and inviting to you and stay on the light bright side and you will be ok, the trick is to paint the ceiling with a ceiling white so it will reflect the light back. I have seen some really nice rooms with no windows and use bulbs with natural light in which ever lighting you use, making sure you have good spot lighting for areas where you need extra light.

I am not sure on the color as I am trying to decide on color also for my sewing room.  I do have a comment on lights. I bought Ott light bulbs or Daylight light bulbs for my ceiling light and it made a huge difference in the light in my room. I have several Ott lights throughout the house for doing hand work and scrap booking, as well as reading. I love the lights. I have bought them over several years using JoAnn's coupons to save $$.  Still would like to add a couple more to the house, especially in the living room where there are no ceiling lights and it drives me nuts in the winter. I live in Alaska where it is very dark in the winter.


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