This swap is going to be a little different from most, so let me explain how it will work.  We all have projects that we would like to add a little more to, in order to finish it up, but we hate having to run out and buy a bunch of fat quarters just for that little additional pizzazz. Or maybe you need colors for a string quilt or scrappy project.

Sign up for this swap will be from May 1 - August 31. 

In the mean time you will go through your stashes to see how many of each participants wish list you could fulfill.  Send me a private message and let me know how many of each request you could possibly fulfill.  On September 1, I will send you a message and let you know how many bags for the other participants you will need to send in.  You will not be sending in more than 12 bags.  I know this is confusing, so let me explain further.  I need orange and blue scraps, Audrey needs pink scraps, and Gladys needs Civil War prints, etc.  Now I have plenty of pink fabric leftovers, but no Civil War prints,  So, I would be sending 6 bags of pink fabric and 6 other bags for other participants.

On this swap you will start with 12 bags, and you will be sending in 12 bags, and you will get back 12 bags.  I ask that you mark each bag with the name of the person you intend it to go to.  Each bag should contain the equivalent of at least 2 fat quarters worth of fabric (It can be more if you wish) and this fabric does not need to be cut to any particular size or shape.  We have all been swapping fabric and blocks for quite some time, so we know what is expected from everyone.  I just ask that the pieces included in the bag be at least 5" square.

If you have any questions, let me know.  These bags will be due to me by the end of September.

1.  Kathy G  (Team sports fabric from college and professional teams)

2.  Melanie K  (Purple or Teal fabric) 9114 9014 9645 0758 4546 13

3.  Connie W (Reds and Yellows) 9114 9014 9645 1206 1787 23

4.  Ginny A (Purples and low volume neutrals)9505 5133 7744 9271 1981 34









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Clear as mud, Kathy, but I’ll give it a try.  AnythinG purple or teal for me.

Thanks Melanie, I should be able to rustle up a bag or two in those colors.

Melanie, do you need pieces for a string quilt?  I have a ton of purple strips in sizes 1" - 2" (WOF) left over from a project I did a couple of years ago that I could send you as part of this swap.  

That would be great!  Sorry I didn't see your reply earlier...missed it in the springtime rush.

Sign me up. Any particular team Kathy?

I need red and yellow for a project I’m making for a friend :)

solids or prints or batiks ok?

I think I want to join this swap. Not sure I have anything anyone wants, though. I will give it a shot. I would like purples and low volume neutrals. 

So Ginny, what is a low volume neutral?

Ladies, I will be gone until Sept 15th.  Try to get at least one bag per other participants.  If you can get 2 that is great, but see what you can do.  When I get back, you can each send me a tally of what you have and we will take it from there.  

Melanie - The background is neutral - white or off white, but there can be other things or images on it. Here are some examples: least that's how I describe them...others may say different. 

OK, I'll be looking through my stash next week.


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