August 2019 - Fat Quarters (apx 18" x 23") - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (closed)

This is a fun swap for those of us who have ever purchased fabric while delirious or otherwise mentally incapacitated.  In other words, it is time to give up some of that ugly fabric that you have hidden in embarrassment from your more sane friends.

How this will work:

Start with 12 ziplock bags.  Insert a generous fat quarter (1) into each bag.  Mail in 11 bags, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to get back 11 bags of even uglier fabric from the other participants.  This is all in fun, of course, to see who can come up with a great quilt using these fabrics.  Don't be embarrassed, we have all done it.  Now let's see who is brave enough to own up to their mistakes.

1.  Kathy G

2.   Wilma S    9405 5036 9930 0099 6663 46

3.  Connie W.  N/A

4.  Colleen F  9405 5036 9930 0099 6663 53









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I can’t wait for this. Tell us when you want to call it. Do we send in 11 anyway?  I suspect we would all get 11 different fabrics no matter what?

At this point, if everyone sends in the normal amount, I will mix them up the best I can.  Hopefully we will get some more participants.

My 11 packets are ready and in the envelope.  Will mail tomorrow.

I sent mine out last week, hopefully they have been received. I’ve been looking at those fabrics for over a year trying to figure out a purpose for them. A swap was a perfect purpose. ;) 

Mine are in the mail too. You should receive them by Monday. 

Connie, Colleen, Wilma, and Kathy -

Myy apologies!  We've been traveling and I'm playing catch up and just saw the reminders.  No way I can get the fabric to Kathy today.  Sorry to back out at such a late date.  Hope you all get some truly ugly stuff for your awesome, beautiful  creations (LOL).

Ladies, our ranks were small, but impressive.  The only problem was that none of you seem to know the meaning of ugly fabric.  Everything that was sent was beautiful and colorful.  Or maybe the problem is mine.  I have never seen a fabric that I considered ugly.  I wanted to keep all of it to myself, but felt that is was only fair to share the beauty.  I have sent along some of my own ugly fabric, and I tried to coordinate it with what I sent to each of you, so that maybe we can each make our own ugly lap quilt to keep us warm this winter.  Maybe we should make a contest out of this to see who can come up with the best lap quilt.  Enjoy your fabrics.

I love a good contest. :)

Well let’s see what I get.  Then I can look for patterns.

My package arrived safely.  Thanks for handling this one Kathy

I received mine too. Boy, things have been hectic lately- sorry I haven’t been around. I just have a lot on my plate right now. 


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