This seems like just the right spot to put tutorial links, pattern links...any kind of links related English Paper Piecing wisdom and beauty.

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haven't found the tute i saw recently that used freezer paper and no basting. but am posting here a set of links that i really enjoy. the blogs are fun to wander through after you have perused the epp info. i don't save videos because they take too long to load...forever on my ipad, and almost forever on my all tutes i enjoy are photo & word. i can also follow them more easily i find, w ipad especially. ...i just prop it up and use it like a book and follow the illustrated notes.

this is from my notepad...


.....pdf illustrated tutorial - beautifully done - :(( basting rquired

.... excellent page everything hexy - my fav hexi site -graph print pdf's
- patterns & links to fun! folded hexi

as i add to mynotepad i will add here too.

thanks lemmah!
i forgot a most important link...this is a site that you can print all types of shapes from. i have this on my pc and forgot to save it on ipad. big it is...and a link to a blog where the blogger illustrates how she prints her papers.
clara's link ....

btw - you will find a plethora of goodies on this blog site! BOM - free ...recipe's and more. a really fun blog site to explore

....and!! as long as i am messin' around here :))..some more links. if you haven't checked out the page for "with heart and hands" in one of the comment boxes above, please do so. an amazing site with different quilting & piecing subject pages. tutorials etc. hers plus links - LOTS & LOTS of links. here is one she has from bonnie hunter page for a fantastic hexie medalian.
bonnie hunter epp, basting through fabric only - not thru the templates.

one w better pics...and good written description
cruisin' the net looking for a tute on double disappearing 9-patch block. so, of course! i find a tute on sewing hexies the way i do it. it is such a quick and easy way of doing them and no stitches show. my attemps to describe the method are sooooo insufficient. check out how well this blogging stitcher documented w photo and word. a most excellent tutorial in the use of the ladder stitch, which she says, she uses for many different applications where she doesn't want the stitches to show, as do i.

Guess you found this double disappearing 9 on this site:   

Love this.  I want to try this with a bunch of charm squares that i have...ohhhhh so many projects!  Where are my elves?!

yes, as a matter of fact heeheeheee! i found this blog when researching how to make a d9p last year. love this site, in fact i have had it open here on my ipad for couple weeks. i was looking for how to on something and ..heck of there is somethin' i wanna know...she has a tute, a blog or a link to where i find my answers :)). what can i say...the site is awsome! lol

just on my way up to do desk work ..YUCK!! but the bills have to be paid. when done, if boss not home yet was going to crank up the pc & post a couple pics. i did d9p's for grdaughters quilts for christmas. but the other day i read about a double disappearing nine patch ... ?? did image search. brought me back to the image you posted there. i want to do that too. i did sort of a controled scrappy for the girls quilts. but i like this very controlled color and i love! her wavy quilting. had seen others using it on quilts they posted on-line. i did it on the girls quilts and sid around all the little blocks and strips. the adults loved it. the girls just loved their soft fuzzy quilts w all the bright colors. i used novelty fleece for backing. similar to minky.
Hi. I just discovered this group and joined. I read about using the ladder stitch and watched the tutorial. Thank you so much for posting it. I have only worked with hexagons and diamonds so far but want to get brave and try new stuff.
welcome to our quiet little corner of mqp, sharon! no sounds of whirring clackety sewing machines here. just a quiet spell in front of liv rm window or.. sittin' & stitchin' :)) ...'course some wath the tube, but i prefer to watch birds lol! the main conversation is here..

tell us all about your projects, thoughts, ideas...we share a lot

and in the discussion forum box, right under this links discussion, you'll see the photo discussion area. we would love to see what you're working on.

glad you enjoyed the stitch tutes i posted. i have done the hidden/ladder stitch all my life, have a file of hexi etc related links in my bookmarks.
an OMG!! antique hexi quilt extensively photographed & shared on this blog site. scroll down page past the incredible machine applique of tiny flowers to her hexi post.. quilt made in 1800's.

Here's a basic tutorial:

Any similarity to the author duly noted. ;-)

read this last weekend w the arrival of latest issue of quilt views. said author did wonderful job on this article :)) well illustrated too. but i still thread baste, no glue, tried it on some tiny applique and tiny piecing! i like the slow & enjoyable thread basting method. lets me sit & relax longer :))


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