I find that looking at pictures of original CQs made in the 1800s is a wonderful idea find.  But, I also like to put myself into the look of my quilt.  I am working on a king size CQ and I've only just started within the last 2 months but I am having fun.  I will write quotes, quips, pictures I especially enjoy, flowers, animals, flags, anything I like and enjoy embroidering.  I'm using all different kinds of embroidery threads and particularly enjoy the Brazilian rayon thread to work with.  An abundance of fabrics, lace and ideas will go into this giant quilt that I don't expect will be done for years and years.  But I'll always have a project to work on.



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Connie, sound fantastic. I've been working on one for about three years now myself. With all the beading and buttons and ribbon flowers etc, it weighs a ton! Actually it's nearing finished, I've got to fill in all the blank spots where my base squares were sewn together. It's a queen size and plan to finish the edges with a nice wide old fashioned, crocheted type lace.. I need to get started on making it since I'm actually nearing done. I used a nice sturdy muslin as my base and the fabric is all silk from men's ties, believe it or not. The colors are rich and luscious and ties are substantially cheaper than purchasing silk yardage, plus the shapes once they are opened back up force you to be more creative than your basic strips and squares.

I purchased a few books on CQ's, then bought some embroidery books and patterns that had great florals and insect designs. Each 18" block has taken hours upon hours because of all the embroidery and bead work I've done on them. Inspiration has come from all those sources and from pictures of antique quilts on the web and from suggestions from friends who've seen it. I'll get a picture of it up soon, right now it's put away while I work on other projects, I find I need some recharge time in between fits of obsessive work on it. When I start feeling like I"m repeating myself or I'm out of ideas I put it up for a few months and do other things and then when I see something that gets me inspired again I drag it back out and indulge a little OCD sewing time.


  Sounds exactly like what I'm doing only I'm not that far by a long shot and I'm using a wide variety of fabrics (including tie silk).  I prewash and dry EVERYTHING before I begin.  That way there's no surprises.  I'm doing some beadwork, but I know it will get awfully heavy so I'm not going overboard with it.  But I sure like the looks.  ":)

Can't wait for your pictures.  Can you put a sampling up of what you have done so far? 


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