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I thought it would be fun at first to share our knowledge of CQ so we get an idea of where everyone is. Please tell about your CQ experience, and tell what kind of CQ you want to make with this group. By this I mean, do we want to start out with a small project and progress together, or do we want to just jump in & do a whole quilt as a group? Or maybe we don't want to do a group project, but just work on our own and share.

There are at least 10 ways that I know of to approach the construction of a crazy quilt, so I'd like to learn what methods you have used or want to learn about, also.

Some of you have commented on my photos. Thanks, I appreciate it. It inspires me. I like traditional CQ, although I've tried a number of methods. I love traditional because of the nostalgic feeling and the room it gives me to create. I love all the fancy hand stitches and decorative elements. I really love to collect this type of CQ stash. There is one rule to quilting stash and that's more is better, but for CQ the other rule is that anything goes! That's why I love CQ. It lets me be an artist and experiment with fabric/fibers, etc.

So, what about you? Why do you love CQ?

If you have any photos you could share of CQs you have made or started to make, upload them in the "Attach File (s):" section below. We all love to see pictures! They inspire us. I'm still figuring out this site

Linda Taylor

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I would love to make a Crazy Quilt...not quite ready yet...still designing in my mind and collecting materials...I have made foundation pieced quilt blocks and I have made a foundation pieced and embroidered the seams in crazy quilt fashion picture frame...I love hand embroidery...maybe this is the inspiration I need to get started....Thanks....

I have not made a CQ yet either, but I'm grateful to all of you who have and who have joined this group.  I'm learning from you and gaining courage to try one myself!

Hi Linda,

I was glad to see this new section,and joined immediately as I love CQ to "go with the flow" mixing it up with  antique lace, buttons, crystals & combining textures for interest, etc.; sheer fun & such interesting outcomes...  This is an exciting new forum & I look forward to seeing many photos of everyone's projects.   I will up load some of my own soon.

As to your question, what we would like to do as a group, I think to start, it would be great to hear from everyone & get  everyone's feelings & input regarding a direction.  I am open to show & tell for now. 

My construction has no 'set' technique or method other than a 5 angle starter piece of varying sizes.  I just keep adding pieces together to make a large section then decide what garment (like a vest ) a pillow top, a jacket, a bag or????????   Lay out the pattern with a backing appropriate for the end item & then line it when complete.  A great way to use up most of the scraps in the bins!   The pictures I will be attaching are of a vest I made, contains may antique items, lace & buttons.  I look forward to getting to know you all & see where this all leads. 

Hi Linda,  I have only done three blocks and they are still a work in progress but I love the results.  I was in a Crazy Quilt Round Robin in which we were in groups and we sent our blocks around the group and each member worked on each block.  When I got mine back, they were gorgeous.  I still have seams and squares that need to be stitched on but I will do that in my spare time.  My blocks are all done in various colors of fairy frost fabrics and each block has a theme.  One was "Spiders and Friends", another was "Fans" and the third escapes me at the moment.  I am away from home until the 30th so don't have them in front of me.  Anyway, they are each unique and very special to me.  We sent a journal with each block and each person who worked on it wrote something in it about themselves and what they did on the block before sending it on.  So I have my blocks with a journal about each person who worked on it.  I think this is a very nice way to do a crazy quilt.
I like to be able to put what ever fabric I want in a quilt without being stuck to doing a pattern. I like the challenge of making it look unique and not like something someone else did. I believe each CQ is unique. I have done one in the past where a group of use did a quilt each person did one square front, bedding, and back. then they sent it to the next person to add onto it. until the whole quilt was completed.

I've never made a CQ but always wanted to..I have done foundation piecing..is this they way it's done? Do the embroidery stitches on each piece become the quilting stitches? need to know what I'm doing before I dive in...


B, Here are the pics of my three crazy quilt blocks i did. 


1-2-12 @10:04 pm mst: Donna:

Just viewed your pictures, you did a nice job on all the pieces, so delicate the stitches, you have a gentle hand.  Keep up the good work in this New Year.

Thanks B,  I still have a ways to go on each one.

I never used to like crazy quilts believe it or not! Then one day my husband came home with a huge bag of silk ties, what else but a crazy quilt??? I've been working on it off and on for a few years now, I'm doing it all by hand, it has tons of embroidery, beads, buttons, lace and ribbon. Since it's all silk the darn thing is slippery as all get out! But it's gorgeous, I'm at the point now where all the 'blocks' have been put together and I just have to fill in the narrow spaces where each block is connected. I plan to put a thin cotton bat and a thin high end wool backing, then finish the edges with some antique tatted lace so it can be used as a bedspread.

I also now make tons of crazy blocks out of all my scraps and leftover triangles and strips etc from other quilts. There's a photo on my home page if you want to check it out. I've given away bunches of these in various sizes the last few years. It's so fun to just open the back of scraps and start sewing random pieces together. It's my meditation time! No rules, no cutting, not measuring, just sew til you're at peace once again. The only embellishment I give these is the quilting and/or tying. I do very simple machine quilting or use colored threads and tie them with french knots all over.

I have not made one, but it's on my list to do...when I get brave enough!!  I would use all the decorative stitches on my machine as hand sewing is way to rough on my hands...I have foundation pieced, or strip pieced post holders and then used my decorative stitches on those....but a whole quilt...still too daunting for me.


I've been crazy quilting for years.  I love crazy quilting.   Are we allowed to post links to our websites where I have pictures of my crazy quilting?


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