Have any of you done thread painting?  I'm not very familiar with stabilizers, but I know I don't want to use a water soluble stabilizer.  What kind of stabilizer would use use with this?  And does anyone have a link to a video example of how it's done?

One more question...after your piece is finished and you want to put on batting and backing, how would you quilt the layers together without ruining your main design?

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Thread Painting is a wonderful and fun technique, but also really a very broad topic - there is so many different ways to do it and techniques to use! I started with a class from Libby Lehman many years ago and still would highly recommend her book Threadplay with Libby Lehman. There is a wealth of information there!! Needles, threads, embroidery hoops, stabilizers - all well explained there. But there is also so many other newer books too: Thread Painting: Simple Techniques to add texture and dimension" by Leni Levenson Wiener is another good one.

In general, you can use both tear-away stabilizer or water soluble one. Sometimes even without it would work (if it is not a very heavy thread-painting), but only using the embroidery hoop.

There is also a great, fun technique of creating things out of THREAD ALONE, using the water soluble stabilizer - I love it! Described in one of Wendy Hill's books Fast, Fun and Easy Incredible Thread-a-bowls. Lots of techniques used there are widely aplicable to many things!

As for finishing quilting - I would usually add some more lines/"drawings" when quilting to complement all the thread-painting, so it is virtually indistinguishable from it.

Thank you for the book recommendation, "Threadplay".  It arrived today and it looks like it's exactly what I was looking for!
Oh great! I love that book and Libby Lehman - hope it brings you joy of learning and creating! :)

Thank you for the detailed reply, as well as the book recommendation.  I just found one on Amazon used for $6.00.  In the title it says "embroidery", but I suppose covering a surface with thread is just that.  These days when I think of embroidery I think of automatic embroidery machines.  I want to do freestyle thread painting.  Anyway, I bought the book and I'm sure it'll be of help, since Libby Lehman is one I would consider an expert.

Thanks again!

Hi, gals...


Hey...with info such as was given by Marija...you will be well on your way to thread-painting.  You might wish to see quilts by Hollis Chatelain, too...her work is more traditional in style, but the thread-work is amazingly exceptional.



I just LOVE her work!!!  She's amazing and I'd love to take one of her classes. 
A hoop???  I was just reading my new "Threadplay" book and a hoop is mentioned.  I didn't realize they made hoops for machine embroidery; it never occurred to me to use one.  I thought I just had to use a stabilizer.  So, does anyone know of an on-line shop where I can purchase the proper kind of hoop?

yup - hoop helps a LOT! Funny - I had that same reaction when I first saw it in the book! :)

I got mine in Joann Fabrics and remeber it wasn't expensive at all - so looked quickly and here it is:



It can be any hoop really, but important part is that its THICKNESS is so that it can slide under the presser foot of your machine (many regular, wood hand-quilting hoops are too thick for that though).

OK...I found one; thanks so much.  I didn't realize there was a difference between embroidery hoops and machine quilting hoops, but there were several to choose from.  I ordered a wooden one (as recommended in the book).  Maybe this will be the excitement that will put me back in a quilty mood!

Thanks again!

i have done thread painting, it is fun.  i like it a lot.  it is a little stressful starting out but it got easier.   i made some three dimensional trees with extra heavy  water soluble.   i thread painted trees on it, then removed most, but not all of the stabilizer.   when it started drying, i manipulated the trees to make the limbs 3-D.  it worked great. 

  i have thread painted little animals in forests, i have made forests.   one forest i made, looked like a forest fire.  i was trying to make it look like the sun was shining through and got a forest fire.   so i got some tulle, laid it over the forest fire in layers and  toned that fire right down.   i use the quilting to enhance the design.  outline with a matching thread or add desgn elements with the quilting.   i tend to stabilize heavily, i haven't taken any classes just played with stuff i find on sale.   i double and triple the stabilizers i have.   play with it.  this is about having fun.


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