please feel free to share any links for projects using charm squares.

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be sure to scroll down on this one. lots of projects using charms!

Check this one out I loved this reminds me of a picnic!

made with cut charms plus back round fabric strips. made by linda miller. a friend of mine.

I will post directions later if anyone wants them.

I like the dark it is so dramatic

o.k. this is how to make these woven bricks quilts:

I don't have fabric amounts for these instructions so you will just have to wing it and stop when you are happy with your quilt size. lol

you will need 5 inch charms and enough fabric for the contrast, first border and piano keys. also if you want a final border - I recommend that- you will need enough for that as well.

start with 5 inch charms. cut two inches off each one and set them aside, they will be for the piano key border. cut 2x5 pieces of contrast fabric to alternate with piano key pieces for second border. the sashing between the ''bricks'' is 1 1/2 inch x5 inches. when sewn on each side of brick.... this will bring you right back to a 5 inch square. then just alternate the blocks horizontally and vertically back and forth. make the desired size. sew on   a 2 inch border of the contrasting fabric. then make your piano keys placing a solid block on the corners if desired. then even though it's not shown here, I recommend an additional 2 inch border to frame the piano keys and to tighten up the seams.  enjoy!


Since I purchased a bolt of moda cream cotton/muslin, I am going to make this one.  Lord knows I am going to have enough of those 5" squares to work with to make for a variety.  I haven't gotten to the scraps yet.  Think I will cut them to 5" and down.

good choice. I love this pattern. I have made a quilt kit for it but haven't started it, I have several quilt kits made up in fact. if I see a quilt I want to make I purchase the fabric I want to make it with and I put it along with the quilt instructions in a bag together. that way I don't loose the instructions in the massive pile of magazines I have. one say I WILL complete them all. LOL i'll also exercise  and stop eating junk food one day too......yeah right!

I want to do that so badly! I have a LOT of pieces and parts of fabric that I want to make into usable sizes. but I want a variety of sizes. guess I could get it all done if I would get off this computer huh?  LOL


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