Is anybody getting fed up with this waiting???? Well I'm busy doing my zentangles drawing and some quilting.  Mind you, it should be more quilting and less drawing but I'm loving it anyway.  I will be spending most of today quilting anyway?  What are you ladies out there in internet land doing??????   Oh before any of you ask!!!    Here is my last couple of drawings. I only started this special kind of drawing at the end of January.  For those of you who made be interested check out and tangle  Well it's very early morning here in Adelaide and I have not been to bed so far tonight.  Well that's where I'm off too to get some sleep.  I hope to chat to you all later.  Bye for now Julie.

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this is cool  any quilty drawing types ?


Deanna, sorry I haven't written back a response.  I have not been coming here as often as I would normally due to the lack of interest in my discussion.  Well anyway all my drawing will be converted to free motion quilting eventually when I really start to practise free motion.  I have been too busy learning the basics of quilting and the making of quilts.  Very soon I will start to focus on this process and then marry the two and hopefully will make some beautiful quilts in the future.  Thanks for being game and writing a compliment I think!!!! Julie

Aaahhhh .. I see where this could be quilting on a quilt .. I've never seen anything like this before.  Of course, I do what I do and look at everything for inspiration.

I haven't done much free motion quilting myself, am trying to do more, but when the sun is up, I've got TONS of things to keep me busy. Of course, this time of year, it's gardens, veges and making the outside ready to do it's thing, or clean up from winter. Since we didn't have much winter or hardening this year, everything bloomed way to early and is HUGE-r than it should be. Consequently, I'm going in circles -- which thing do I do first ?

Tonight I swear I'm going to sew. Am cleaning my sewing room right now (have to vac, dust .. ewww !)





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