This will be our 4th year for the SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE. If you would like to swap comment below.
Last year was a great swap as Rouge did the pick of the hat so no one knew who their recipient was.
Let's see if we can all step up our game!

We could choose a Theme this year!!! That could be a great challenge. We will have several months to get our project finished.

Due date is December 12th 2016. We can set up the rules as we get takers.

1) Chef
2) Connie
3) Chris M
4) Mary Anne B
5) Kris Howell

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Here is my table runner from Kris

We didn't have guidelines for color choices this year, and I sure hope it's not too bright for you, Chris.  

It is really pretty Kris. I like bright colors. Thanks so much.

Nice piece!

that's beautiful!!

I got this gorgeous sunshine bag from Chef Lisa, along with some yummy things.  Can't wait till Tuesday - day off - to have pancakes for dinner so I can enjoy some of the mango jelly!

I think the bag is going to be my crochet bag.  Lovely to have all the pockets for scissors, etc.  

Thanks, Lisa!

was just zooming in and checking out that bag looks PERFECT to use as a traveling project bag! love the fabrics and the design. and ...was wondering what exotic southern fruit based treasure lisa had sent in that little jar :))

Traveling project bag is EXACTLY what this is going to be, and having grown up in Brazil with plentiful mangoes to eat the jelly is also EXACTLY right, even though it makes a bit nostalgic.  We used to make a mango and bacuri tart that was just so, so good.  Bacuri is a Brazilian fruit that has not counterpart up here.  It's quite tart with a unique flavor but the sweet mango balanced it out perfectly.  Yummy memories :)

You are welcome! I've just starting making some purses for friends n family. When I started making this one I wanted to work with yellows n grays. I personally like longer straps but it just didn't feel right with the longer straps.
Mangos are from my trees. Mangos are in blooming now.

Chef - did you use a pattern for this bag?  My daughter in love wants to make one like it since I'm being mean and won't give her mine *grin*

So cool!!!! I love it and I know you will love that jelly :)

you will love her jelly, all her homemade stuff is delish!  what a beautiful bag!


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