This will be our 4th year for the SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE. If you would like to swap comment below.
Last year was a great swap as Rouge did the pick of the hat so no one knew who their recipient was.
Let's see if we can all step up our game!

We could choose a Theme this year!!! That could be a great challenge. We will have several months to get our project finished.

Due date is December 12th 2016. We can set up the rules as we get takers.

1) Chef
2) Connie
3) Chris M
4) Mary Anne B
5) Kris Howell

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opera is an old browser, reliable, been around as long as mozilla. google has issues also. i have used mozilla for several years, but now it's getting a little wonky & unreliable ...i plan to install safari on pc's the default browser on my ipad and when voicing concerns to my security programmer son re: buggyness issues on the Board, he said that not to worry as long as i was on ipad or any i-product as they all use safari .."the safest browser out there"
...unless your pc is over ten years old i wouldn't worry. just make sure you've cleared your cache, cookies etc. there's a free program to clean your pc w that my tech guys installed on my pc. i'll be turning on the pc later today to print coloring pages for the visit w grand treasures @ xmas ..i'll send link to free security clean up program it. you'll be AMAZED at the crap your pc is loaded w!!!

recommended by the guy who builds and maintains my personal computers. i run it whenever i've been playing working on the computer for a few hours.

Mine was received and mine was shipped should be there sat Dec 17.
I have received and shipped mine. I can't wait to talk about it and show pics :)
Has everyone received their Secret Santa Gift?

My Secret Santa arrived yesterday - but I was working and didn't get to see it till this morning :)

I received mine also

i think we could start bragging and talking any time now!

Did Mary Anne receive hers? Haven't seen a response yet

i'm sure. she was going to be out of town for a couple days. you guys go ahead. it would be nice to spread it out anyway. LOLOL

Yes Connie i just received it - thank you so much for the lovely table runner... I will post a pic when i unload my camera....My hubby and I feel like the travelling Wilbury's.  Carla was spot on - we've been in and outta town ever since we arrived.    Been to Sedona 3 times - got back and then left for Mesa AZ to see friends.  Got the mail today when i returned and had your lovely gift.  I will use it in Sedona as we leave again on Wednesday night after our daughter and SIL - arrive for 10 days.  THEN......I can start sewing in January again - no more trips - all tripped out LOL..............Everyone's gifts are beautiful and tomorrow I have to bake and get a pic of your gift to post. 

My secret Santa was Chris. She must know how much I love roosters :)). I'm so happy. It was very hard to be quiet. I love my gifts Chris. Thank you.


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