This will be our 4th year for the SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE. If you would like to swap comment below.
Last year was a great swap as Rouge did the pick of the hat so no one knew who their recipient was.
Let's see if we can all step up our game!

We could choose a Theme this year!!! That could be a great challenge. We will have several months to get our project finished.

Due date is December 12th 2016. We can set up the rules as we get takers.

1) Chef
2) Connie
3) Chris M
4) Mary Anne B
5) Kris Howell

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Sorry I'm going to miss it this year, but the UFOs just keep piling up. Looking forward to seeing your creations!

hey guys!!!! how is everyone coming with this???

and remember you can mail when you are done but don't share pics or say who you got yours from until everyone receives!! thanks a lot!!

Carla I'm so behind! Can we add an extra week?

well it's your swap. LOL

I know but your the mediator! I'm finishing a quilt for delivery Friday n my body just hurts. To much planting n cleaning.
I started my SS but just not able to feel good enough to get to it.
How about the gals that are finished can send n Maryanne n I will have a week extra. Does that sound good for everyone?
This summer n fall has put a crimp on my stuff but my friends house looks great! I just finished replanting the final front bed Sunday. Now I'm finishing the quilting on my Friday quilt! Then I can finish my SS I could get it done by date I'll try real hard. Just in case I can't hit my deadline!

I never worry abou the deadlines Lisa  - it is the thought that counts - so you take all the time you need..........just another fun thing to do  - but please take care of yourself first.

several of the folks have shipped out gifts or are getting ready to. once you receive your gift, please let me know or post that you got it but don't reveal your secret Santa or post a picture until everyone has gotten theirs please.

once every one HAS gotten theirs then please DO post pics. thanks a lot!!

                                                   from the so jealous person

So, who has received gifts and who has shipped? Did we decide to push it back a week? I shipped mine already.

Mine has shipped, and the post office says it should arrive on Thursday, Dec. 15.  

there has been some late shipping but it is pretty cleaned up now so everyone should have theirs soon!

I wish I could get on here more often but my computer hates this web sight anymore. it barley lets me get on and freezes because of security certificate errors. it takes forever to type. ugh!!!! I hate slow computers!! but everything should be winding down real soon.  enjoy!!!   

try installing a different browser. IE is such a major pain in the ya know what!

got  google and it works much better. may just install something better. kind of afraid to do anything with this old girl. LOL found one called opera. hum...


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