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!************1. chef*                         block - 4  spinning star - 2 options

!************2. Carla*   (Q)                   ZINGER/BONUS BLOCK - 10th star        zinger/ bonus 2 -Florida star


************3. robin*                            block -7   The Best friend


!***********4. carri  *   -                   block  3    - Monkey Wrench/ alternate: water wheel

!************5. Ethelda*     ( Q )   (Q)   block 5 - carolyns star


*****6.Gail  picked by Rogue         block 21.  star of summer/ alternate pinwheel star

************7. Vickie S. *  -  (Q)            1st block. April -  hidden star


***********8. Janet*          -            block - 8  - union square variation

!***********9. Linda K.                   block 17 - star cluster

**10. Mary Aldrich

!************11. Colette*                      block 14 - friendship star (radiating sparklers) sharons star alternate

****12. Cheryl *          -                     block. 2  - Wyoming valley   

!************13. connie*                    block  13-  frolic variation


***********14. Judith baker*              block  10 -  Christmas star/ alternate: hunter star

!**********15. Pat Bruck*  ( Q )         block 6 - rolling star

!*********16. sandi schadt               block 19 -  Yankee puzzle

****17. Teresa                                block 18  variable star

*********18. Yvonne Scott               block 20 Dublin steps

!***********19. Mary Moore* (Q)       block 15 peony teacup ( split drunkards path star)


!************20. Vickie Brace*           block 11 - nine patch star /alternate weathervane


**************21. Kris Howell*.  (Q)   (Q)            block  9- Annie's choice

!************22. Chris M. * (Q)  (Q)    block 12  double aster


!*********23. Kenya H.                     block 16  -  grandma's star

 a * by your name means you completed your block for the month.

A (Q)  by your name means you have completed a quilt.

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(completed quilts only)

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boy it's been a minute since I've been over here. lol. did anyone else ever finish their quilt? I finally got to give mine to my niece. she just adored it. we were having dinner at my cousins house she knew I had it and we talked for a while and visited with family. then she said I can't stand it anymore where's my quilt! my cousin said: no! wait until I finish my story cause I know you will get distracted! LOL.

recieved!! Courtney with her quilt

O M Gosh!! what a delightful photo!

Aww - this photo tells such a great story!  Love it.


BEAUTIFUL!! what a fabulous pic too of you, niece & youngin' :))

And the quilt itself is fabulous.  That dark blue was the perfect choice to set off your blocks.  I did finish mine, and gifted it to oldest granddaughter last summer.

Beautiful quilt and family, Carla.  

That turned out beautiful!  Wow.  Love how the applique border framed them so nicely and brought the colors all the way thru.  Wonderful.

I was just revisiting this page. It's hard to fathom that this started 4.5  years ago! And here many of us are still b around and still friends out there encouraging each other. 

I came haunting this page because Connie is working on her quilt along. I was wondering if anyone else picked yours back up or completed this quilt. If so pictures would be great! 


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