Anyone who wants to post a giggle go ahead, why not? we all need a little laughter sometimes. :)

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Ethelda, I have seen Neil Diamond a couple of times.  Always enjoyed it.  I prefer the softer stuff these days.  But I do love toe tapping music.

i never had the opportunity to see neil diamond but he, james taylor & gordon lightfoot ...such talented song writers and vocalists...i had all the albums i could afford by them... but..i never thought of them as soft rock. i have the guitar song books of james taylor...could hardly play them..solid jazz fingering patterns..didn't lend easily to crooked fingers lol

A friend posted this on FB the other day and I thought it was cute.

yes! we are! lol

oh!! lollol this is now on my ipad...i would use it for a screensaver if ipads had them!!

thanks vickie this is sooooo uber wonderful! :))

I get it!

found this on AQS facebook page. lol

too great! my gramma loved this show...every night we watched it, during the opening scene where marshal dillon stands w his back to you, hand reaching for pistol grip ...she would start in on the no seam in the back of his pants! to this day i can't see pics or re-runs w hubs w/o thinking of gramma and that seamless butt. :))

I saw this the other day and had to laugh. OK I may not sew on a Bernina but....

lol!!!! janome and water!

Bernina and caffeine free diet coke!

Mine would depend on where I am sewing.  Usually one of the Singers and don't touch my coffee. 


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