Anyone who wants to post a giggle go ahead, why not? we all need a little laughter sometimes. :)

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Kona Bay Fabrics recommendation for your Sunday -- and every day -- activity:):)

This is soooo me. lolol

right? I know, I do this too. lol

Couldn’t resist. Have a happy Monday!

I guess I'm aging myself, but this is hysterical!  Thanks Carla

oh i'm right there with you. lol I thought this was funny too. one day this is what it will be like. this looks like a new home janome, if it is, I have one. lol

Showed this one to my husband and he LHAO.

Have you ever sustained an injury because of your hobby?

why? they're much handier in my mouth than in that pin cushion on the table behind me! i only have two hands and my chin to hold all these blocks i need to pin together!

silly doctors. what do they know!

Did you take Home Ec when you were in school? Did you have a sewing machine like this...or newer? Sue

lovely vignette! beautiful old machine... where did you find this? i LOVE it!

facebook. :)


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