morning ladies! my son is getting married to a yukon girl and i would like to make them a quilt for their wedding based on the yukon. i did live there for a year and was mesmerized by the colours of the mountains, the sheer beauty of the land. but when i think about putting it into a quilt im stuck! has anybody got any ideas and oh does anybody know where ican get fabric printed with northern images? ( the northern lights, the mountains, sleigh dogs,etc)  i live in northern ontario and my names laurie

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Welcome Laurie, Yes, living in the north is a blessing with all of our beauty and wildlife.

I made a quilt many years ago that had appliqued Alaskan Night scenes on it and each block had northern light on it for my oldest daughter when she moved to Arizona for college. In the center squares I wrote "May you always sleep under the northern lights and find your way home by the north star" I just called the store that I bought the northern light fabric from and they still have it. Ben Franklin's 1-907-586-6762. They also had some other fabrics that would be "Northern or Yukonish"  They are open year round. Hope that helps. 

Good luck with your quilt and I would love to see it when you are finished with it. I need to make another one this year for a friend of mine that now lives in Utah. I hope to get it done by next Christmas.

Talk to you soon.


thank you so much,i'll check them out! I've decided ; because i cant seem to wrap my head around one idea, im sure we're together on this- you get thinking about doing a quilt and then you start getting the pre-pattern dilleriam  guiddiness and so many thoughts are going through your brain you cant focus!!!Soooo, i've decided to work with my fanatical personality and make the quilt based on the patterns of the Navejo indian for instance, where each row would be of a different pattern i.e. bear claw-4 patches or what ever makes a queen size and next row a plain material with appliqued grizzlies.what do ya think?!??!

I understand 100%, I'm doing that right now with two different quilts that I need to start soon. I think your idea is a good one. I'm also sure that now matter what you do, it will be loved.


You should look at <> they have quality fabric and an

amazing collection of Northern motifs..

I was thinking of a sampler of 'northern' quilt blocks such as delectable mountains, bear paw, moon over the mountain, various stars.  but i also love your idea of a Yukon Row-by-row.  That will be wonderful.  Be sure to share with us as you go, and when you are done.  Will enjoy seeing that one.



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