Welcome to our first book discussion! We're glad you're here. Here's a summary of The Cheyenne River Mission Quilts by Jan Cerney:

Born into Boston society and groomed for marriage and entertaining, Evangeline wrestles with a decision that could take her far away from all that is familiar. When nineteen-year-old Evangeline determines she is called to leave Boston and become a missionary on the Lakota Sioux Reservation, she comes face to face with cultural and personal experiences that would leave any young woman feeling challenged. Along with learning to quilt, would she also learn to follow her heart?

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I think it forever changed her attitude about "society" women and her role as one. She wouldn't join society groups  when she came back and did many of her own tasks, chores, etc., that even her friends found odd.

Her mother continued to pull her back now and then, but what she learned about simplicity of life stayed with her forever.

There is something to be said for the simple life!

From Jan Cerney:

Question #8: (Please click 'Reply' right under this question to give your response, so we'll know which one you are referring to! Thanks.)

Cassandra felt we are put on this earth to serve. Happiness is incidental. Do you agree?

No, I felt sorry for Cassandra. We definitely need to be of service to one another, and the "cheerful giver" is always makes receiving easier. 

I feel Cassandra's attitude was to hide the deep emotions she kept buried inside. Possibly her disillusionment with Elijah's father's inablility to completely convert to the "white man's" ways of behavior and thought, and beliefs, made her unhappy and angry. Elijah seemed to so state. Maybe she blamed herself in thinking she drove him away and abandoning them. Maybe she didn't feel that way at all and was just bitter and resentful (and ashamed) because her husband left her and her son.

I wonder if she felt guilt if she experienced anything remotely happy or joyful, as if she didn't deserve it. We've all met someone like her, and God bless the ones who have to live with them.

Cassandra is an enigma.  Her character will unfold as the series progresses.


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