Welcome to our first book discussion! We're glad you're here. Here's a summary of The Cheyenne River Mission Quilts by Jan Cerney:

Born into Boston society and groomed for marriage and entertaining, Evangeline wrestles with a decision that could take her far away from all that is familiar. When nineteen-year-old Evangeline determines she is called to leave Boston and become a missionary on the Lakota Sioux Reservation, she comes face to face with cultural and personal experiences that would leave any young woman feeling challenged. Along with learning to quilt, would she also learn to follow her heart?

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Jan Cerney:

Hi, I’m Jan Cerney, author of The Cheyenne River Mission Quilts.  Welcome to the American Quilter’s Society Book Club! I am delighted that they have chosen my book to launch the new program, and I am equally pleased that you are reading the book and joining the discussion.

I was raised on a farm near Gregory, South Dakota. After high school, I attended Black Hills State College at Spearfish, South Dakota, where I earned my teaching degree. For twenty-four years I worked in school libraries or taught all levels from pre-school through college. My husband Bob and I raised three children, who now have families of their own.  When I retired early, I started to write. Nearly thirteen years have passed since I began with a fictional history of my grandparent’s homesteading days.  My next book was for the Images of America Series published by Arcadia publishing.  One of my eight books for them is entitled Lakota Sioux Missions which led me to visit the mission sites in western South Dakota. Further research resulted in a presentation to a history conference about a woman missionary in the time period of my novel.  One day I realized I missed writing scenes and creating characters and the idea of writing about a woman missionary on one of the Indian reservations in western South Dakota inspired me to write the Mission Quilt Series. I have so enjoyed writing the series, and I hope you will enjoy reading it.


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Jan Cerney:

Watch for my first discussion questions right here next week!

Jan Cerney:  Hello Readers! Here's the first discussion question. (Some of you have not had the opportunity to read The Cheyenne River Mission Quilts yet, and you're welcome to join in at ANY time.)

  1. Evangeline defies society’s expectations and embarks on a completely different path by becoming a missionary to a South Dakota Indian Reservation.

Have you ever taken the leap of faith like she did? 
How did the decision turn out for you?


Looking forward to hearing from you!


From Mary Kay Fuhlrodt: a response to Cheyenne River Mission Quilt Question #1

No, I have never done anything like what Evangeline did. I wanted to join the service at one time, but my plans changed then too. Although I'm an independent personality, I've stayed pretty much close to home except for some travel.

I haven't really done anything too adventurous either, other than move to California from South Dakota to teach.  My husband and I stayed there for about ten years.  I'm glad we did. We moved there without jobs.  Maybe that would be called a leap of faith!

Marrying my first husband for the second time was a huge leap of faith for me, wrought with many hours of prayer. The second major leap of faith was 38 years later when he'd left me (again), to move back to CA and begin to heal and learn how to be single in my 60s!   It's been an interesting journey, and I haven't seen one snake!!

Jan Cerney: And here's Question #2!


2. Evangeline was sure of what she wanted, but her plans went awry. Why do you think this was so?


From Mary Kay Fuhlrodt: a response to Cheyenne River Mission Quilt Question #2

I thought the reason her plans didn't go as planned was because she wanted a relationship with Elijah. I think she was in love with him and when he wanted only to be friends, she accepted that her life was to be with James and left the mission.

Hmmm. Almost to that point, so I'm anxious to keep reading.

What I've decided to do is make a "bow tie" quilt, or at least start one as that's what they are doing in the book!

Wonderful!  Let us know how it is going.

It appears that her "calling" had been overshadowed by the rejection/coolness of Elijah. It is as if her attention for Morning Star's well being had become her calling. With the loss of Jessie, and then Minnie's upcoming marriage and then departure, the strained relationship with Elijah held no promise for her.

Then James arrived and I believe she had lost the "will" to continue to look at what SHE wanted to do with her life. It seemed she succumbed to the expectations of her upbringing.


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