I am frustrated trying to find quilt shops for when I visit my daughter over the holidays. I can not find anything that is accurate enough to use. Most shops are closed and shops I know are there are missing.

I have tried:

Has anyone found anything accurate enough you can count on?

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Where are you traveling to or located at? I know our shop shuts down around the 23rd and re-opens after the New Year. Sheila H.

The Quilt Shops app for Iphone is pretty accurate since I pulled it up on my Iphone and it found most of the shops I am aware of within 100 mile radius of where I live.  I would say the map feature is not spectacular though for directions.  I will usually write down the address and plug it into  maps to get more accurate directions (especially since it will tell where road work, etc. are located).  Also ask here on MQP for the location you are visiting. I am sure that anyone who is from that vicinity would be more than willing to give you a name of their favorite shop in the area or nearby at least. Another great tool is facebook there are some pretty large quilting communities there also. 

Let us know what area of the country you're visiting and maybe we can help you.

I usually Google the city I am going to and have had fairly good luck.

I just google "quilt shops, name of city and state". You will usually get listings from the current yellow pages. I print them out and call ahead of time to make sure they are still in business. I have found that if they are in the current yellow pages, they are open.


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