Stitching Bee Guidelines

   My Quilt Place/A Quilting Bee   
   The Next Stitching Bee schedule is as follows:    
    MAR 18-MAR25– now open for registration   
   All Quilting Bee members are welcome and encouraged to participate in the online Stitching    
   Bees.  It will be a lot of fun, there will be encouragement for your stitching goals, prizes just    
   for participating, and you can work on some of those UFOs. You can join throughout the    
   week, so don’t be timid!    
   Prize categories may vary for each Stitching Bee. Here’s what will happen during March's Stitching Bee:   
   The Queen Bee will draw a name at the end of each day for a special prize winner    
   and one GRAND PRIZE winner at the end of the bee. Your name and daily goals have    
   to recorded in the STITCHING BEE Discussion to be officially registered as participating. If    
   you have posted that you want to participate and don’t see your name on the discussion,    
   please contact the QUEEN BEE for this event.    
   All members who want to participate should sign up by posting your name and 8 goals,    
   one for each day of the BEE, on the current STITCHING BEE DISCUSSION—YOU determine    
   your own goals. For this event, goals should be sewing or stitching related, however, not    
   necessarily quilting related. During the week, post your progress, photos and completed goal.   
   (This is important but more on that later.) It's always fun to hear what everyone is doing,    
   and to motivate those of us who need the encouragement..   
   For this event, all participants are asked to contribute the prizes. You may contribute one   
   or as many as you like. Mail your prize contribution to me at Suzanne Montgomery,   
   4023 High Summit Dr., Dallas, TX 75244  Prizes may be anything from a fat quarter, notion, small finished   
   item such as coasters or gift bags, note pads, address labels, to name a few.   
   Every day, the QUEEN BEE (hostess) will draw a name of a prize winner from the names   
   posted to the discussion as participating. At the end of the week, a GRAND PRIZE winner will   
   be selected. Each participant will receive one entry into the GRAND PRIZE drawing for every    
   goal completed. Complete all 8 goals and receive an 9th additional entry. (This is why   
    posting your progress is important.)    
  If you have participated in other Quilting Bee events, chances are I still have your address.  
  If not, private message me with the details, or email me at    
   All guidelines will be strictly adhered to, so please read and understand all guidelines before   
   signing up. Questions to the group, Queen Bee hostess or Group Administrator are always    
   welcome. Comments or suggestions on how to improve our events are encouraged and   

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