A Quilter's Dictionary

BBT = Be Back Tomorrow
BOB = Beginner’s Only Block (swap)
BOM = Block of the Month
Charm Pack = package of pre-cut squares
Charms = Small pieces of fabric, either squares or sometimes hexagons, all different fabrics

COC = cream on cream
CT = Connecting Threads
D4P = Double four patch
DC/DDog = Dear Cat/Dear Dog (spell out dog, otherwise may be mistaken for Dear Daughter)
DIC = Double Irish Chain
Dimes = 10" squares
DIY = Do it yourself
DSM = domestic sewing machine
DWR = Double Wedding Ring
EPP = English Paper Piecing
EQ = Electric Quilt quilting software (also seen as EQ5, EQ6, and now EQ7)
F8 / FE = Fat Eighth
FART = Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
FFO = Finally Finished Object
FIU = Finish It Up
FLIMSY = Finished top, not quilted
FM = free motion quilting
FQ = Fat Quarter
Frog Stitching = ripping out stitched seams (rip it, rip it)
FW = Featherweight (squishy is the way they feel) FW = fusible web, no brand specific

GF = girl friend or God forbid or Grandmother' s Fan
GFG = Grandmother' s Flower Garden
HP = hand piecing
HQ = hand quilting
HST = Half square triangle
HSY = Haven't Started Yet (pronounced h****)
Jelly Rolls = pre-cut noodles rolled up and sold as a set
LA = LongArmer, professional machine quilter
LAQ = Long Arm Quilter
LAQM = Long Arm Quilting Machine
LMAO = Laughing My Ass off!
LOL = Laugh out loud
LQS = Local Quilt Shop
MAQ = Mid-Arm Quilter
Nickles = 5" squares
Noodles = 2 1/2" by width of fabric
NQR = Not Quilt Related (an alternative to OT)
OBW = One Block Wonder
OSMG = Old Sewing Machine Guy
PFD = fabric that is Prepared For Dyeing
PHD = Project Half Done

PIGs = Project In a Grocery Sack
PIPS = projects in process
PITS = Project In Totes
PIW = project in waiting (waiting to grow up to be a WIP)
PP = paper piecing
QIMM = Quilts in My Mind
QOTD = Question of the day, Quick off topic discussion or quilting off topic discussion
QR = Quilt Related
QST= Quarter Square Triangles
Quilt Candy = Small charm pieces of fabric folded up to look like candy
RR = Round Robin
SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy
SAQM = Short Arm Quilting Machine
SaS = Steam a Seam
SEX = Stash Enhancement EXperience (or eXcursion)
SID = stitch-in-the- ditch quilting
Siggies = Squares of fabric with signatures and often other info written on them
SnW = Stack and Whack
SQ = Simply Quilts Squishie = Envelopes filled with swap fabric/blocks
STASH = Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden
TBQ = To Be Quilted
TGIF = Thank God It's Finished!
TIC = Triple Irish Chain
TOAD = trashed object abandoned in disgust
TOT = Tone On Tone
TUFO = Tuesday UFO night group/WUFO = Wednesday UFO...etc.
UFO = UnFinished Object
USO = UnStarted Object
VIP = Very Important Project
WHIMM = Works Hidden In My Mind
WIMM = Work in my mind
WIP = Work in progress
WISP = Work In Slow Progress
WIVSP = Work In Very Slow Progress
WIWMI = Wish It Would Make Itself
WOA = Work of art
WOF = Width of Fabric
WOMBAT = Waste of Money, Batting, and Time
WOW = White On White
WWIT = What Was I Thinking
xxQG = someplace something Quilting Guild
YBR = yellow brick road
YoYo = A circle of fabric gathered to form a puffy circle

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