We are going a little loose this year.  You need to set yourself a goal.  Don't make it to outrageous.  Make it to where it might hurt just a little to attain, yet keep it realistic.  I think we all have been working at using some stash.  This will be fun this year because of all the outside influences on our quilt making.

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Hi Beth!  Kind of lost focus for a while.  I am setting goals for 2021.  Stash busting sounds like a good one.  This is FQ or larger, right?  How do we figure goals?  Amount of stash or projects done?

You are not the only one who has lost some focus.  Goals are important in everything we do.  

Your stash can be the size you pick.  I prefer to use the larger pieces as stash.  If I have a full layer cake that is from the store or a gift, I count that as stash.  If it is my leftovers that I have cut down as scraps, then it goes in that pile/bin.  

You figure your goals by what you want to accomplish.  I have seen them at 10 yards all the way up to 100 yards.  The point is to set it to where you won't be discouraged and yet have a mark to reach for.  I am not sure how much sewing and quilting you do, so maybe gauge it at five lap quilts done, would be approximately 50 yards.  

I am in for 30 yds this year. 

Ok.  I will start with 30 yards.  It sounds like a doable goal.

Very doable.  Don't do what I normally do, meet my goal and then rebuild the stash at same time. LOL  You just don't get ahead.   

We have three 30s thus far:

Melanie - 30

Ginny - 30

Gayle - 30

Beth - 50

I am in again - going for 50 as I am on a roll ... I ended 2020 with a TON of stash used and rehomed even :) 


Howdy everyone.  Making an elephant baby quilt for a little girl.  Hoping to find all the fabric in my stash.  Not sure how I will do it, but trying out a couple of elephant embroidery designs I have for applique.  

Whatever you do Beth , it will be great.  Congratulations on granddaughter

Well, did not find fabric in my stash, so I purchased four yards.  I used up 3.5 yards of it, but I did use .5 yards of stash for the elephants.  I am hoping she likes it.  I am not used to using pastels so was a little hard for me to do.  I may have gotten the elephants a little to dark on the fabric, but it was cute.  

Beth, I am sure it is wonderful.

Since the first of January, I have finished a total of 7 UFOs.

32 1/2 yards out  plus another five yards that I gifted.


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