This is all about those scraps we have in boxes, bins, tubs, and yes, under the bed. LOL  We all have scraps of one size or another.  If it is bigger than a fat quarter, then not a scrap.  I have lots of fat quarters around.  Those are called left overs and that size goes back into the stash busting category.  Now those smaller ones, those are what we are talking about.  I still have three tubs which are over flowing.  Let us count the quilts we can make out of those.

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Today, the boss took a bowl of oatmeal out of the microwave, sure could have used on of the bowl cozies.  May have to break down and make some again.  

Beth, just think of the " brownie points" you could earn,lol.

You have a good point there.

Here is my latest scrappy. The front was made using 5" squares and bright strips  2" wide. Totally scrap...the batting was seven small pieces sewn together. The orange flannel back is 5 pieces ( cut- offs from a previous quilt backs). The binding was also from 2 strips and a scrap of yellow Winnie the Pooh fabric.

What fun.

Who will be doing the Red Work Basket quilt?  It is a free quilt along.  I am going to make it and use my scraps instead of doing the red and cream.  I think it will look just as nice and hopefully motivate me to use more of my scraps.

Beth, l don't have much red in my scrap collection because ot's my fave colour and l use every bit, lol. I already have a cream and brown basket quilt l hand quilted may yr. ago, so l'm going to pass. But it would look every bit as good in blue/ white :-).

My lates scrap quilt is another one for the nursing home. This one is 40 x45. It's the last one l quilted on my midarm before selling it. I've ordered a longarm on a 10' frame...can't wait for it to come! I'll be busy making larger quilts to do on it for the next 3 to 4 wk. 

This is cool!

I really like this, Riana! Unique block! 

Sounds very interesting, Beth! I think this will look great in scrappy. Either a two color quilt of any color or all scraps, as long as the values are strong. Maybe...I am not much of a multi project person and I have been focused on my Courthouse Steps quilt. I am adding a lot to it to get it a lot bigger. Plus, we all know I am slow! LOL

May be slow, but looks wonderful.


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