This is all about those scraps we have in boxes, bins, tubs, and yes, under the bed. LOL  We all have scraps of one size or another.  If it is bigger than a fat quarter, then not a scrap.  I have lots of fat quarters around.  Those are called left overs and that size goes back into the stash busting category.  Now those smaller ones, those are what we are talking about.  I still have three tubs which are over flowing.  Let us count the quilts we can make out of those.

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Made 6 bowl cosies and 3 quilts that all had at least some scraps in, for February

I'd love to try some bowl cozies when l'm done doing my series of wheelchair lap quilts...l have pattern and even the proper batting. 

They are fun and easy, Riana

Question, Gayle...must they be one fabric piece on each side ( like coordinating print and a solid)...or can you make a patchwork " fabric" from smaller scraps ? I know there are 4 darts to deal with that would need clipping and pressing open for bulk. Would it work?

Just chiming in here, but I remember Carla made some of the cozies using strings or jelly roll strips for hers and they worked well. She posted them, too, but I could 't say where.

Riana, Pieced scraps work great, Several of ones I made in the past were very scrappy, inside and out.

Yes, you can use up scraps to make them.  gives them more interest and then you can hide spill stains longer. LOL

I love to make bowl cozies.  Go through at least 2 a year....can only be washed so many times before they look well used.  Haven’t tried scrappy only rule is cotton fabric, thread and batting.  Maybe I will take some scrap strips and make some more.

One year I made 55 of them and gave them as Christmas gifts to the neighbors and co-workers with a jar of soup and recipe.

Wow, you were ambitious.  Last year I made 20 as gifts....I found a newer pattern that seems to fit a bowl much better.  

Wilma, will you send me the cutting directions for that style that fits well in my inbox please? I really need a good fit because grandkids will be chief users.

Will try to send over the weekend.


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