This is all about those scraps we have in boxes, bins, tubs, and yes, under the bed. LOL  We all have scraps of one size or another.  If it is bigger than a fat quarter, then not a scrap.  I have lots of fat quarters around.  Those are called left overs and that size goes back into the stash busting category.  Now those smaller ones, those are what we are talking about.  I still have three tubs which are over flowing.  Let us count the quilts we can make out of those.

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I had that problem last yr. , Beth...l'd tossed odd scraps into a large wicker picnic basket, then dig in it for a fabric piece l remembered having ( vaguely,lol) . Enough, l said...and for 15 min. every day l was in sewing room, l took scraps, cut to sq. or strips, and after 15 min., l filed them away in their appropriate little drawers. After 2 wk., l was done, and now have those drawers full of pieces l can use. 

What a wonderful plan, Riana!

How diligent of you to stay with the project until it was completed.

My latest scrap quilt includes scrappy binding.

Well done, Riana! I like it.

Your scrap quilts look so coordinated, Riana! Very cute with all the different animal fabrics! 

Ginny, l have a low tollerence for the " anything goes" scappies...too messy looking for my taste. I pick 3 main colours, and allow only tiny accents of other colours. That way, my eye responds to the pattern, not the chaos,lol. Here, l used blue, yellow and white with red& brown bits as accent.

Thank you Riana for sharing that.  It is a very effective method.

Oh so cute

Nice job Riana.  I still keep looking at my scraps.  I have lots of patterns picked out, but just not getting to them.

I have a lot of scraps and realatively little of bigger pieces, so scraps tend to go into nearly every quilt l make at some point. I can't remember the last time l made a quilt out of " yardage " fabric alone,lol. Here is my latest lap quilt for nursing home. It has 4 orphan crescents of paper pieced points, a center l got to try my octagon pineapple ruler on ( fun!), and odd sized pieces of jungle scraps .l was lucky enough to find 4 orange strips of same fabric ( a rarity) and even the binding is small pieces sewn together ( almost all the same green). Back is orange flannel l bought last yr at $2 yd. Darn stuff had to be washed 4 times before a dunk in blue Dawn laced water stopped the bleeding.A couple of vinegar rinses made sure of it.

Pretty pretty

It works!  Good job.


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