This is all about those scraps we have in boxes, bins, tubs, and yes, under the bed. LOL  We all have scraps of one size or another.  If it is bigger than a fat quarter, then not a scrap.  I have lots of fat quarters around.  Those are called left overs and that size goes back into the stash busting category.  Now those smaller ones, those are what we are talking about.  I still have three tubs which are over flowing.  Let us count the quilts we can make out of those.

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Last year I made six Christmas quilts with the scraps I had of just Christmas fabrics.  This year I am going to try and make a few more for parents.  

Ok, this could be a great thing for me.  With my huge tubs of scraps, I could get at least 12 quilts out of them.  Not that is what I am going to end up doing, but it is a goal.  I need to do some strip quilts, one tub is full of just scrap strips.  Who does not like mindless sewing of strips to cross cut into designs.  I have a couple of ideas that may use up two different types of scraps for me.  Maybe a Kansas Trouble block, strips in hst and then use my other scraps cut into 2" hst.  That would work.  Would look cool I think.  Hmmm, may try a block to wee.

Was this supposed to be 2021? 

Adjusted.  Silly me, I am still doing the books for 2020 and am so mixed up on dates.

Well this is very quiet.

I am joining in for this year, for sure!  

I have trouble deciding what is my scraps and what is stash so just seem to lump it all together in stash busting, but will ck n here also.


Gayle, I think of scraps as littler than stash but it is really interchangeable person to person. Some think anything smaller than a FQ is a scrap, while others go much smaller in their definition. You can call it the way you see it. No quilt police around here! :c))

Thank you Ginny.  Good thing no police or I would be a cell most of the time. :)  Lazy is likely my main problem, I just don't want to take the time to decided what should be stash or scrap.  I measure my finished quilts and figure how many yards of fabric I used.  If it is applique I add a yard or 2 depending on how much applique.

Scraps, whose got scraps.....I have to use them up.  Found a website that has a stash buster challenge, so think I will do one of the blocks


Wilma thank you for sharing.

Hi,everyone. I need to join in too. Since coming home to Ont. (early) this  yr.,there was sewing time and stash to work on my project Linus quilts. Then spring arrived, and the gardens took my sewing time. By fall, my stash had taken a serious hit, and with limited cotton in stores , l took time to cut my bits & pieces to usable sizes and stored in drawers. Now it's time to use those up. We're in our second lockdown, with only grocery, gas, and pharmacies new fabric:-((


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