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2018 BoM

Gnome for the Holidays

This will start Feb. 1, 2018
Blocks will be offered on the first of the month. One block each month, with the last being offered on Nov. 1, 2018.

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Instruction sheet with Yardage

this is a free download

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Stinking cute! Love the little checkered hat.

Just noticed there is a tree stand.  On another BOM I cut the 35 1 1/2 by 2 1/2 pieces twice.

I have my #4 done except for the stitching around the pieces.  I extended the trunk on the tree and added Gnometta.             

Very cute!! This WOULD be a great block to add gnometta to. I haven't done that yet. Humm mmmmmmm. 

So very adorable. 

The sweetest little gnome couple. I really enjoy seeing the different versions.

That is adorable !!!!  


you did a great job, all of you ladies. 

I have a busy schedule this month, so I am late and have only printed the pattern. 

greetings from germany,


The great thing about these is that there's truly no pressure to get them done. It will happen! And we will look forward to seeing it.

Exactly, no pressure.  However, I am trying to stay on top of this quilt so that in January I can put it all together and have it ready for the next year.  After all, I have Winter Memories to finish up (4 more blocks) and about 40 more less than 3" pinwheels to make (yikes, what was I thinking).  Then I have the Garden Quilt to finish (2 more blocks and lots of applique).  This one wants prairie points all around the outer border (not happening at this point).  So this one is getting worked much faster because I am doing it one block at a time, then will piece it together.  BTW I would be happy to mail to anyone the other two patterns when I am done.

Doro, I am currently doing the same. I am printing out the pattern and storing it with the fabrics I plan to use. I have only one block fused sofar but some others are in progress but for now everything is on hold till mid June. It is just a busy time of year both for me personally and with children that have programs and school ending begin June. I'll be posting more once I have time to work on this quilt. It is not super hard and it is a slow pace. I'll get to it when I get to it but I know I will finish because because this quilt is just too cute not to finnish.

Thank you Ladies.  You are right Carla.  There is no pressure to do these blocks.  They are just fun to do when ever a person can get the chance to do the.


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