Hi guys,

I am a relative newbie to the exciting world of quilting and embroidery.

It is my fourtieth very soon and I am thinking of splashing out on something a little extravagant like a big ticket machine. I have always used Janome machines and they have served me well as I have gotten better and improved.


The machine I have my sights on is the Janome Memory Craft 6500P. Before spending a large amount of cash, I would love to hear what you guys think of this machine. The good, the bad and the ugly!

I do plan to try the 6500P at my local dealer in a few weeks, but would appreciate any thoughts that you guys can share on it!



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I spent a bit of time on Amazon, checking out the reviews. This review also seems positive: Janome 6500P

Would really like to see what you guys think on this. $1000 is a lot so spend without hearing the  thoughts of some experienced crafters!


I dont know anything about Janome. The place I buy from recommended Brother pc 420. I have had it 2 weeks and made 2 quilts and I love it.

hi jakkie, I started a discussion '' opinions needed'' almost a year ago. I was in the same boat. you might check out that discussion because there is a great deal of good info on it and that discussion is still on-going! it is about the same subject only I was wanting to buy a janome 6600p ..........:) which I did.

Jakkie, l have the 6500 Pro and have been enjoying it for 4 yr. ( the 6600 is newer model, has built -in walking ft., but otherwise same).This was my second purchase of same model...used first as one of machines in my drapery business, and it was sold w/ other equipment when l retired. l love mine ( see it on my page in sewing spaces album), although at first there was a couple of thingsl had to get used to. One was the little "hesitation" when l step on the pedal( l now use that half second to position hands), and the second was the extra stitch it takes when taking foot off pedal( annoying when stitching up to an exact position as when mitering), but now l just remove foot a bit early.Lastly, no sleeve arm.l also had to get used to computor end of it , as old machine completly mechanical.

   lt has a lot of great features for quilting. You can set the amount downward push the pressure ft. excerts( loosen for thick fabrics,& quilting, tighten for sewing satin silk etc.). Auto up down, auto thread cut, same spot stitching for ending seam, Great walking ft. for st. in ditch. Love how l can use regular ft. for 1/4" sa. by moving needle possition.

l should also mention, the machine is a great overall stitcher for home dec, costumemaking ,and applique. l use the knee lever continually, leaving hands free for manuevering fabric. You can smock or embroider, just look at all those choices on the handy flip-up chart. l've used the letters section to make labels ( tho size is limited). Recently l got out an old UFO that was not well hand appliqued, and went over the whole set of blocks with a variety of the novelty stitches. Wow, what a difference it made! You DO have to keep the manual handy , especially at first, in order to get familiar w/the computor ...ie. setting the memory, getting the machine to "remember" what you were stitching when you turned it off momentarily ( that keeps it from going to default st.)Mine was way more expensive when l got it than what you're looking at pricewise.

This is a great machine, you won't regret getting one


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