Hello All,  I haven't posted for so long, been having a few problems at home.  I have a customer who would like for me to quilt a yo yo quilt.  I have never done this before.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I am thinking that I should put on a back and tack each of the yo yo,s to quilt it.  Then a binding.  Any suggestions?



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acticually i have never heard of quilting a yo-yo quilt, i have just seen them on the bed with a colored or a white sheet under them. let us know how you do it, i am curious about that one.
Same here...I saw one once and it was just the yo-yo's attached together without any batting or backing.

Hello, my name is Pennie and I have done a yo yo quilt and if I were you I would put about 10 yoyos on a block of fabric and tack them down  and when you get enough blocks then put them together it is alot  better  cause it gets really heavy.Good luck and have fun


welcome back and thanks for great idea for a post...this ought to generate lots of interesting responses.

i have seen quite a few antique yo-yo quilts. some of them had backs & they were tied..the way some old quilts were and the way some people still do thier quilts. yo-yo's being what they are...i can't think of any other way of doing it. i haven't made a full size quilt of yo-yos...just pillows and things for myself or friend out of bags i find at estate/yard sales. just wash them gently ...after cking for color fastness...and then stitch them to a back ground fabric. i did one for a friend that i backed with a piece of velvet...the bright 20's colors were beautiful against the dark purple velvet.

but for full sized quilt...i would tie or tack it.


In all the years I've been quilting and been involved in the quilt industry I've never heard of quilting a yo-yo quilt.  All the ones I've ever seen (from antique to new) have either been kind of "lacey" looking because there are open spaces between where the yo-yos are tacked together or else they've been tacked (not quilted) to a backing fabric.  I kind of think that the whole idea of a yo-yo quilt is to make a quilt that doesn't need to be quilted.  Now I'm curious!   Anybody out there ever seen one that's been quilted? 

The June 2011 issue of America Patchwork & Quilting had a pattern in which yo-yos are appliqued onto fabric strips to create the quilt top. (The link shows the quilt on the cover.)

I'm focusing on finishing my UFOs this year, but my take-along project is making yo-yos for that pattern. It takes 409, and I have 20 done. I'm hopeful that by year's end I'll have finished my UFOS and will have all the yo-yos I  need.

How did they applique them? Did they use a satin stitch or, or, ???? I didn't start subscribing to AP &Q magazine until just recently so I don't have that particular issue. 

The directions say to use a running stitch along the edge.

I've been surprised by how many quilt magazines my local public library has, so you might be able to find a copy there. I don't know whether the publisher makes back issues available.

i have that issue...saved the pattern - use idea later..i find yo-yo's at antique/estate sales...just did a project with some. but the quilt mentioned in magazine..each yo-you was individually stitched in place...sort of normal applique style/method to strips of fabric vertically and then the strips joined vertically. quite lovely old style quilt look. if you subscribe to mad now you can prob go into archives and look for pattern...very nice site...and as is with most mags these days they have archives of articles or patterns offered...

I'd love to help but all the yo-yo quilts I've made have no backing so no quilting required. What you suggest sounds like it will work well though if they are wanting it to be layered and quilted in some way.

In a quilting class i take a lady brought in here great grandmother yo-yo quilt and there was no backing or binding on it. It was a full size bed quilt and each yo-yo was sewn together with just a few stitches to the next one.  It was a very fragile quilt but it sure was pretty so Im guessing if the customer wants its more for show the warmth to lay on top of a bed you wont do anything but make the yo-yo and attach them to each other. quilting friend ang in pa

There is a link on YaHOO....http://voices.yahoo.com/how-yo-yo-quilt-182465.html

this is a pattern and gives instructions to do both ways.

I have been making a yo yo doll, and a mini quilt...

I would like to do a large one...it is on the project list

Have fun!!!

Please share how it turns out


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