good morning everyone!

did y'all know it's WorldWide Quilting Day today? no? well is! i was wandering pages of one of our members' blog ..'s a wonderful place to wander ..currently she has a quilt along going on precision piecing. those of you here who know me know that i love doing small quilts. tho i have gotten away from it last few years as i've sewn quilts & toys & doll clothes for my two beautiful & precocious grand treasures. anyway, so quiltshop gals' qal precision series is a nice refresher for me. i'm not doing the blocks, well i might do a few of them (they're fabulous!) just reading along and reading great tips and how-to's. then i came across this entry about worldwide quilting day ....

there is a link to the Quilt Show where ricky tims & alex anderson, are having contests and other fun all weekend to celebrate today. ALSO....for this weekend only many or most of their video programs are availabe to watch for FREE!! so, of course, i've been sitting here watching & rewatching the sally collins video :)). i took a couple of classes from her years ago when i decided i liked small ..more fun and get more quilts made! :)) i have all of her books, but i couldn't resist watching the video class by her. and even tho i have all of her books, i learned more tips. anyway's the link to the list of programs for The Quilt Show videos available to everyone, payed members or not. look at the top blue set of boxes. you can sort the menu by clicking on sort by "artist" or "techniques".

have fun !! and happy WorldWide Quilting Day!!!

......and THANK YOU, AQS!!! it's great having our quilty/social center, My Quilt Place, back & looking perfect, working perfectly!!! :))

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I knew. .... :) saw it on Facebook. LOL  WOW, that's a lot of information Rogue! must go view some.

yup! she gave links to thier blog, their fb page, pinterest & youtube pages :))
...and of course, now their video page seems to be swamped ..getting server error thingy. oh well, when they get that unclogged, i'll go watch some more videos. they're doing this all weekend. love the site & have watched a lot of their free videos, but the best ones are for members only. i really cannot justify 45$/yr to watch it. so ..i read sewcalgals' thing & did a BIG happy dance! lollol


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