I am wanting an extra wide binding on a current project and have never done it. Is there a tutorial or someone who could explain how to accomplish this look. I think I understand (sort of) what I need to do, except the mitered corners. Help, please!  

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I always do wide bindings because I think they look way better :-)  I can send you instructions for a 1" binding that miters itself.  Very easy!  e-mail me?

Thanks, Maretta, for coming to my aide. I would love to get your tips/instructions. Not sure how to email you in this forum. I am sure that others would be interested in hearing,too, if this is our only contact point. (?) 

if you friend one another you can send personal emails. or you can just comment on each others pages. those comments stay rather private and don't show up on mqp home page like this post and others to different discussions and groups do. to friend one of you click on "send message" above left on this page. little dialogue box comes up and asks if you want to send a friend request. click yes then the other person watches for an email from mqp aying that "-----" sent you a freind request. just click to view request and then click accept.

Thank you for the heads-up, Rogue Quilter. Looks like I'm going to learn some other things, too, like how to work this site, as well. I did the friend request.

ginny, i am on my pc right now so don't have all my easy access to links. but later i will post some links on your page that i have to help with navigating the site. one i wrote last year to answer a question from a new member, and one from the mqs people.

anytime anyone has a question about navigating the site or using a link or whatever here at mqp ...just posts a discussion and you'll have a whole pile of members helping you out. friendly helpful group of quilters here.

have fun!!

I thought I had the instructions saved on my computer, so my original plan was to just send you a copy.  Typical, I can't find it.  I will type it up for you, then I can post it here.  It might take me a day or 2 (depends how fast I type).  I have a day job to pay for my quilting habit, and sometimes the days are long.  I am hoping to have everything typed up by maybe tomorrow :-)


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