My first quilts I used scissors and templates, it turned out fine, yet still I would like to make this process a bit quicker and that's why I'd like to ask you about rotary cutters. I came across it in a blog this week and I am very interested in the idea. I bet it would save so much time - for me pinning and cutting the pattern takes for ever. 

I've heard they are quite effective when you need to work with more complicated quilts so I'm looking for some feedback. Which one would you recommend and is there any difference between different brands? And choosing between 45 mm and 60mm - which one is easier to handle?

I believe that as I'm not going to work with thicker fabrics or cut through the more than two layers, something small - like Fiskars or Allstar - might work for me. So is there anybody who use them for quilting?

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Unless you're cutting single units for hand piecing, 90% of quilters have been using rotary cutters with appropriate rulers for years! Style/ size depends on your preference. 60mm is great for multiple layers ( some do 6 layers of quilting wt. cotton, but l do up to 4) 45mm also good for 4 thicknesses, but a bit more manueverable for gentle curves. Tiny wee ones for single thickness curves, and circle cutters also available. Some like the retractable blades, l prefer mine with manual pull back shield. Ergonomic ones available, but l don't care for those, as l use mine left or right handed. In order to use a rotary cutter, you'll need a good quality self healing cutting mat that's large enough for your needs, plus at least 2 good rulers with easy to read grids and grips on bottom.

Another option is the cutter machines. Acuquilt go, go baby , and studio use expensive dies, sissix as well. The dies can cut accurate strips and also applique shapes. Then there is the cricut which uses computor and lazer to cut... don't know much about those. 


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