your ideal present be?, crafty stuff or something for yourself?

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Do you mean the ideal present to give or to receive?  If it's to receive, then my favorite thing is a gift certificate to a quilt shop.  If it's to give, then something I made (for Christmas I made several felted and appliqued candle mats).
Let' see. My favorite gift to give is something that I have made that I think the person would like. I always ask my sisters what they would like. Usually they say that they want me to make them something. They want me to surprise them.  A favorite gift to receive is a gift card or gift certificate to a favorite store (and the time to be able to use it).
good to get replies ladies, w have a lot of subjects to talk about... so lets get this forum buzzing!!!!
my own is a gift given to me of a weekend away at a sewing course, sewing, quilting, patchwork, absolute heaven!!!
That sounds like a great gift!  I've never been on a retreat or to any quilt shows.  I'd love to some day.
would be great... my friend and i keep looking, but like everything else over here, its not that popular , someone suggested we book ourselves into hotel and ask if we could have a room free for us all weekend... yeah right...
My favorite present is a gift certificate to my favorite local quilt store.  I have my hubby well trained for that one.


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