OK all, I have the first question.


What kind of sewing machine do you use for your quilting? I have a basic Brother sewing machine, which limits the size quilts I can make. I am thinking of getting a "real" quilting machine.


What do you use and do you like it?

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GREAT, do tell what you are getting.....that is sooooo exciting!
Naybe I don't want a longarm, but I am jealous!!

I use a Janome 1600 mid arm; a Pfaff 1475 creative - I have 3 of those.

The Janome took a little getting used to, it doesn't have the bells and whistles like

the Pfaff.  No interest in a long arm unless someone wants to buy it for me!  most of my quilting

is custom work on other peoples quilts; and of course my own.


I'm wondering what it was about the Janome that took getting used to?   That machine is intriguing to me as the price is reasonable and I don't think I need bells and whistles.   But what bells and whistles do you find yourself missing?

I was at the Lancaster Show and bought a new Janome HORIZON, I pick it up Thursday night from Brubakers in New Holland, PA - in lancaster.


That is a really sweet little machine, we have one at the shop.  Did you get the table with it?  I get to play on all the machines at Tiger Lily Quilts, which is really useful so then I know what I want to purchase.  I have my sights on the next machine, but have to save up my pennies..... LOL
My thinking has shifted over the past few days.  I started out really wanting a longarm.  But now I'm thinking the next step for me might be a simple straight stitch sit-down machine with a larger throat space.   I think my wanting a long arm was possibly just an over reaction to the frustration of my tiny throat space.  Going from the 6.5 x 4.5 of my Bernina to, say, a 9 x 5 of another sit down machine would feel fabulous.  And think of the money I'd save!  Also I could focus on improving on what I know how to do rather than starting on a whole new set of skills.  So . . . does anyone want to recommend a quality straight stitch with limited bells and whistles but at least a 9 x 5 throat space?  Thanks!  
Janome 1600.  It is a Mid Arm.  I love it.  I was in the same predicument.(spelling?) It made a world of difference in speed! they will have them at the Lancaster Show at Brubakers if you are there, stop by and see Amy.
Thanks Teresa.   I will be at the Lancaster Show and will head for Brubakers.  I read one review of the Janome 1600 that said the thread path is "challenging."   Do you find that to be true?  Also, do you use it on a table or a frame?

Thanks for the information Lynda, I have been wanting to get a longarm, but a midarm would work also.  Does the 1600p not have an option to lower the feed dogs?  The Grace pinnacle is what I am looking at also.    Thanks for the information.  I just got the price to quilt one of my guilts, custom work will cost me over $300, on the other hand I look at it as an investment as the quilt is going into some shows.  I will post pictures when it gets back from the quilter.


What else do you have on your machine/frame?

The path is not a challange if you know how to do it.  using the knee lift as you are feeding the thread is a great help, I have RA and everything is a challenge,but the thread path was not. I use a table.
I have and like the Juki Tl-98Q, and let me just say that having used a 9" machine and a 16" and 18" long arm, the skills you learn are very different. Pushing and pulling the quilt through a machine in a table is all together different from moving a long arm machine. If you plan on making a lot of quilts then I would suggest that investing in a long arm would be the way to go. If you only quilt occasionally then definately get a good 9" machine but be sure to also get a table to put it down in because that will make all the difference in the world! Happy Quilting!


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