OK all, I have the first question.


What kind of sewing machine do you use for your quilting? I have a basic Brother sewing machine, which limits the size quilts I can make. I am thinking of getting a "real" quilting machine.


What do you use and do you like it?

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Donna, I have personally never used a Grace machine, but Liz the owner of Tiger Lily Quilts where I work has in the past and likes them a lot. We are talking about getting a Grace frame for the shop.

I have an elissimo babylock it embroiders too. But I dream of a long arm so I could draw so much easier. The quilt shop is far and I am home bound by family.

I think it is the machine that does the most for the price.

I have a Little Gracie quilting frame with a Babylock Quilters Choice Professional machine.  I like both but am new to this and am having a hard time getting into the ease of motion.  I have a Pfaff7530 and absolutely love it.  I have quilted many quilts on it and still prefer it to my mid-arm.  But, I like the quilting frame because I don't have to pin and I can see the quilting in progress.  So I am forcing myself to use the mid-arm more and more.
Debbie, how much throat space does the Babylock Quilters Choice have?  

The Babylock Quilter's Choice has a 10" throat space.  This is much better than the standard machine's.  It works fine for me because I didn't want to invest the thousands of dollars in a long-arm machine.

Well, I may be kidding myself about figuring out a way to afford a long arm.  It's fun to dream.  But I may be perfectly content with something like the Babylock Quilter's Choice.  10" of throat space would seem like a luxury compared to the scant 7" I have with my Bernina.  I'd probably do fine with a sit down machine but I am tempted by the idea of a frame that eliminates the need for basting.
Debbie, Babylock is no longer making the Quilters Choice, they have replaced it and darn if I can remember with what, the boss is on holidays.  I will check with her when she gets back.
Debbie it is my understanding for a discussion I had with a longarm quilter it takes a while to get into a rhythm with the machine. Keep working at it and you will get the hang on it! :)


I just joined this group.  Nice to meet you all!!!

I am a Longarm Quilter and I quilt on an APQS Millenium as well as an APQS Lenni. 

I started out on a Kenmore Domestic. 

I did about 12 quilts but found that my body hurt and I was not enjoying the quilting process as much. 

For me,  the Longarm was the answer, And I love my Machines. 

It really all depends on each individual!  

The Machine companies have come out with some pretty impressive machines. 

Sit Down as well as Longarm. 

My best advice,  is try them all out. 

Decide what type of quilting you want to do

and find the best machine that will help you achieve that. 


I look forward to being a part of the group!



Thanks for your input Laura
i use a regular bernina or janome up till now but am getting a used longarm in a week or so
Ooh!  What kind are you getting?


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