I have never used invisible thread.. Please tell me what type of 

invisible thread is best and why? Then I want to know if regular quilting thread is used in the bobbin??

Do you need to reset your tension to use invisible thread?? Thanks everyone.....









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i like Superior's MonoPoly.  Generally the tension needs to be reduced.  If you look through their education topics they'll give you the needle & tension range to try.

If you want to use the MonoPoly in the bobbin wind it slowly and only half way.  While it does mean more bobbin changes along the way for quilting it also means better success using the thread.

Happy quilting!

I tried to use the invisible thread on my last quilt. It was a disaster. On the advice of someone else, I used a coordinating thread in my bobbin with my backing. But despite constantly adjusting the tension in both the top and bobbin tension, I never could get it to work right. I finally gave up after using about 1/4 of the spool of thread.


I'm thinking the problem was probably the choice of thread. I looked at the invisible thread at Hancock's and it was $4 a spool. The thread at WalMart was $1.77 a spool. I opted for the WalMart thread and that could have been my problem. I did not look to see the blend on the different threads. I plan on looking next time thought to see the difference and see if that could be the problem.


Main problem is now I have 3 unopened spools of this cheap invisible thread that I can't use. Hmm...wonder if WalMart will take it back without a receipt.

Sometimes trying to "save" money actually costs us more in the end.  Often when I teach my students will bring in thread that is old, or poor quality...when this happens and they're frustrated I will change to one of the threads that I use and the change is significant.


I too use Superior's MonoPoly.  In my opinion all of Superior's threads are the best.  You can't beat the quality. 

By the way, they have an excellent website with tons of information in their education section.  Any problem you can imagine having to do with thread is addressed there.  http://www.superiorthreads.com/

I'm not sure of the brand that is offered at Hancock's. I only know it is much more expensive than WalMart. The stuff at WalMart I don't even think is a brand name. It's just something that is put up by them probably. Thanks for all the advice. I may go back to Hancock's soon, buy one spool of their thread and try is on a small sample block that I have to practice stitching.
I wanted to try the superior invisible monopoly thread! I started out today to buy EXACTLY what Bridget said was simply the best!! Lol! We have three sewing centers where I live..... But no superior threads! Soooo, I went with sulky brand!! I was very sure the friend I have at Hancocks would not lead me wrong! She's always been very knowledgable about products there at Hancocks! Her words were... If I did not use it myself, I would not recommend it.... OKAY SO I BOUGHT THE PRICEY THREAD!! I'll let you all know how it works!! I'll soon get started!!
Sure wanted to try superior! Wanted to by it in town though! My only choice would have been is to order it!  Why don't you have your line in Hancocks? I would love to try it!

I use Poly-monafilament all the time on my regular maching and quilting machine.MOst store carry the nylon mono-fil---do not like that.I get my threads at Superior website. As far as tension you usually have to loosen it for this type of thread.


I don't use nylon either...it's too stiff and breaks easily.  People get confused about "clear" thread.  They sure aren't all the same!  I used to think they were until I tried out MonoPoly.
I have only used Superior's MonoPoly and have NEVER  had problems with it.  I have used it in the bobbin  and used colored thread in the top and never a tension problem there either.  I have washed and dried quilts for my grandchildren which had MonoPoly thread used and it hasn't become brittle.  I really love this thread.
I ALWAYS use Ily when I quilt. I use it on top and for the botton I use regular thread with the colour of the back. There is also a black Ily which goes perfect for dark fabrics. The tensionand needles are the same, no need to change a thing. It works peerfectly

i don't use it anymore. didn't like the way the light reflected off of it. never had any probs using it...  the notes fr quilter bridget and others exp from superior threads is all excellent. but don't think that i will go back to using it.


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