I need to purchase a new iron and I don't know which one to get. I see a lot of negative reviews about the Rowenta and the Oliso, both of which I had considered. Do you love your iron? Which one and why?  HELP!!!!

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I have used Rowenta irons for a long time. I've had mostly good experiences and I'm a person who irons most of my clothes too. Thumbs up for Rowenta.

I've been very happy with a Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master Professional, which I have had for several months. It's only about $40.

I had been researching irons for months, because I had a Black and Decker that always had residue on the "nonstick" plate, a problem I had never had before with an iron.

I had a list of possible models when I walked into Target one day and saw the Sunbeam. It wasn't on my list of irons I had seen reviews for, so I pulled out my phone and used Google Voice Search to look it up. The first result was two great reviews on the Macy's site, so I went ahead and bought it.

My only compliant is that it is pink with white lettering on the dial, which is tough to read. One of these days I'll mark the cotton setting with a Sharpie.

I think the irons by Reliable are the best!  They honestly don't leak or drip at all; they all say that, but every one I've had eventually does start spitting or leaking. http://www.reliablecorporation.com/Products/Home-Irons/Digital-Velo...

i read as many threads pro and con on the various popular and easily [for me in eastern wa where there is not a lot of choices] the remarks about the oliso [which i have never seen outside of catalogue] and rowenta's were very bad. had had a rowenta that i loved...till the cats argued over who got the warm spot on the ironing board. finally got another rowenta, the 'professional' because it was on sale at joannes half off...at 60$ ...even at that half off price it was the most i have ever spent on an iron. and i love it. no leaks or drips or spits or any of the other complaints that i read about online. and it has been the victim of a couple of warm spot on the ironing board discussions and was sent flying...got a little rattle with the last kitty adventure...but still works perfectly. tho you have prob bought a new iron since you posted this lst dec, i thought i would add a comment in case there is another late finder of this discussion.

Thanks -- actually my iron has been behaving and I haven't bought one yet...procrastinating! Luckily I don't have to deal with kittens fighting over the warm spot -- that seems to be a recurring problem with Rowentas!

I also have the rowenta "professional" which I purchased at Joannes. I love it. It steams beautifully and warms up quickly. I have sent mine flying off the ironing board a couple times and have had no problems with it. Good luck in your hunt for the perfect iron.

joannes is where i bought mine also. i was disheartened by the poor selection of brands and the prices!! then noticed that that rowenta professional, that was so panned on the internet, was on sale 60% off....so i bought it. and just goes to show that the net is not always the best source of info when shopping. i guess. lollol

I've used Rowenta for years too, but I recently had to get a new iron and the $100+ price tag on most of the Rowenta's was not making me happy.. I used to work at a place where I could buy them on sale and get another 30% off of that lol.. So I bought a Singer iron at Joanne's, mid range price, I think it was $80?? But it happened to be on sale for 40% off so I was willing to chance it. So far it's been a great iron, the steam is not wimpy at all, it has a nice pointy point for getting in between buttons or pushing back layers on quilt blocks. I might start complaining in a couple years but for now I'm very happy with it.


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