I really did'nt relize what an air-head I really was until I started going deeper in the old stash.I have got boxes of basted applique peices that I don't even know what quilt they go to. LOL   Time to make new with something that was meant for something else, whats a gal to do

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UFO's? I love 'em! Sure they can get out of hand but it's always nice to have something waiting when you get stuck or bored on the current project. Shifting focus can often clear the cobwebs.

I have so many UFO's I'm fairly certain I can't count that high, lol. It's amazing the things you find when you start sorting through stuff. I recently found a few I'd forgotten about as well. We're going to have a UFO swap after the holidays this winter, then we're going to donate the finished quilts. Hope you'll join us with one of those strays you found.

Hi Cindy, I have UFO's too but they are not mine. I inherited part of my Aunt Mary Ann's stash of fabric (19 file boxes plus 4 plastic boxes and plastic bags to be exact). They filled the back of my mother's suv with the back seats folded down and stacked to the roof. My uncle gave half of it away to people from her quilt group before he learned I was a quilter. But oh joy when I received her stash. I found sunbonnet sue appliques' that she had started (9 in all) some blanket stitched and others not. I had purchased some sun bonnet sue fusible from quilt in a day so I used what I had with hers and some sashing and I have a quilt for a beautiful adopted little girl at our church. Now what to do with all of the childrens fabric books she started, a watercolor wall hanging that she cut the pieces for but did not mark in her book which one it was, a wool and flannel applique and pieced lap robe (at least she finished the appliques') and marked each bag of cut pieces with their sizes etc. Then after I left he had gone in the basement and found 5 more dresser that were full of fabric. Love my aunt she was the queen of buy and hide (would you call that hording)
What I meant to say was also 4 plastic boxes and 4 or 5 plastic bags

I would love to have such a dilemma, but no one in my family quilts. I quess I'm the strange one amongst  us. But I do love my strange world and all my strange friends.  I'm sure she is sending you some thought and inspiration along with her stash. Have fun.

I can only imagine what my family will think of my quilting projects/supplies upon my demise. However, I have informed my quilting pals that, should my husband become the remaining half of this couple, they should help him out by descending upon my quilt studio and helping themselves. Not only do I know my obsession would be in good hands, my hubby would undoubtedly breathe a sign of relief.

So I decided to make a rule for myself, I can't start a new project until I finish up an old one.  It is so much more fun to start a project than finish it! 

The rule is not really working...


I already tried that and your right ,it does not work. I just finished one that was dated back to the year 2000. Does anyone remember the quilt called Pink Lemonade, well I just finished the top and now it will be put into the stack waiting for me to get the ambition to learn this quilting machine. I'm almosst afraid to learn this machine cause I know it's going to creat another monster, making quilt tops has created such a monster I don't know if they can live with each other. I love making quilts and if I find quilting them is as much fun, WELL gals, I'll be in trouble LOL.I have got a whole bunch to post on here that has been finished lately. Love hearing from ya, hugs to all Cindy

I do think I told myself this probably 20 years ago, Yeh  SURE, I think I have at least 20 unfinished quilts.

Guilt is what we do to ourselves. There are no quilt police. Who cares if we have one or 100 UFOs? It's nice to be able to do whatever moves me at the time; but OK, I don't always follow my own advice. Sometimes the feeling of accomplishment when I finally finish that long undone project is greater than the pleasure of diving into a much new anticipated one.

Joyce, you are so right.. I love instant gratification with simple quilt patterns, but whenever I drag out some half forgotten, million piece project that I never thought I'd finish..and finish it, really not much will give such a thrill of accomplishment.

Rose, I used to have that rule.. no new projects until something gets cleared off the sewing table/cutting table/floor, lol. It never really worked though. Now when I want to start several new projects all at once (or several months have gone by since the last time), I force myself to spend one day.. just one.. working on those projects..if I finish one up, GREAT.. but if I don't, I don't beat myself up over it. I dedicated time to UFO's, now I get to start whatever new project I want the next day.

You know they never warned us of a desease we were going to catch when we got into this whelm of making quilts, LOL- yep I've got it and it is contacious, it spreads with no warning and it keeps coming back. Theirs no cure, absolutly no cure. Some say it's a sickness, some say were nuts, just goofey, what the heck. All I can warn them is, is you hang around long enough they will catch it to.I have decided I will call it quiltaholic unless some one else knows what the real sickness is called.I don't think they are going to have any success in treating me for this desease cause like a good drug I just keep eating it up and buying more, their are so many dealers out there that my addiction is easy to feed, anyone else out there got this desease ?


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