This challenge is to see how many UFOs you can finish in the year.   Supporting and encouraging one another in completing our accumulated UFOs.

You can set a goal for each month, but definitely is not required.

A "finish" is defined as removing said UFO from your incomplete stack of projects. The way you accomplish this is up to you. You can finish the project, pass it on to someone else to finish, donate it, sell it.... you see, we are very flexible. Our goal is to reduce the pile of UFOs.

And yes, you can move your UFO to someone else's pile. We are great enablers, too!

All are welcome to hop on this UFO train; we reach out our hands to help you get on. The train will blow it's whistle for each new member and we ring the bell for all the finishes that happen!!

It doesn't matter how you count your UFO's; it's entirely up to you. No UFO Police allowed here!!!

We all love pictures so feel free to share whenever another UFO becomes a Finished project!

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It is a placemat, so the pattern says.  Hey could put a hanger on back and put him on the wall.  That is an idea. 

I'd be afraid that you would easily find all the mistakes, Beth, now that you are a judge,.

Oh you didn't say that.  I only pick myself apart, not others.  I appreciate other people's work.

Another one off my list. 

Awesome, Beth

What a nice sampler quilt!  Beth, your alternate block frames your blocks on the diagonal.  Your quilt gives me ideas for my own blocks that I make and put in a box.

I did quite a few of the Splendid Sampler 6" blocks the first time around; then, fell behind.  They have started again and I'll try again.  Truthfully I just make more UFOs.

that's what I am doing too Elizabeth.

I am all caught up with the R&R civil war quilt - 5 blocks done and all the 5 1/2" border blocks done.  Just waiting for Monday's block.  I have run out of light civil war repro fabric.  But there is a nice quilt shop in Ottawa that carries lots of it.

And I am working on a reversible quilt as you go string quilt using scraps.

well we have a common theme going on Elizabeth! first finishing the splendid and now the R&R. I have not started mine yet because I have two others to do first but I am certainly downloading them.

I bought the splendid book.....last night I cut all the pieces for it. I had also kept print outs of the patterns as they were released too. I found out that the block sizes are totally different in the book than they were from the original printout. I don't know which is wrong....I don't know if there were corrections made when it was originally released. I am going to ask Ethelda. she made it.

I bought the book and going to just use that.  Did you find out the differences though?  They started it again.  The extra blocks would be the big issue then.

Carla, I didn't buy the book for the Splendid Sampler but I printed a lot of the blocks and the rest I downloaded.  I have over 50 done because I did some of the 6" 365 Challenge blocks too.  And mixed in are some Farmers' Wives blocks too.  I did them in neutrals so they could go in the same quilt.

ooops....guess I should have put that it's the early bird block that the cut blocks are different. lol.


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