Trying to make a new quilt for my daughters new room - Need suggestions

My daughter is 13 and is the band at school. She loves it and it's everything music now. As a reward for such a good job, I would like to redo her room in a musical motif. Part of that will be to make new curtains and a new quilt for her bed. It's a twin size bed. I plan on making it out of black and white fabric. Hoping to find some with musical notes on it. What my question is, does anyone have any suggestions on what patterns to do? I was thinking just a simple 9 patch quilt but someone else might have something better in mind. Any suggestion would work. Thanks ladies. :)

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I am a musician so I think I may be able to help with this one :).  My favorite music quilt I have made is a huge black music note in the center (actually they are 2 eighth notes tied together), surrounded by all white material.  This block would be at least 36 inches wide.  To border that I did a simple 1 inch deep red border (or maybe a school color, but I always feel any shade of red looks very nice and pops with black and white).  I found a material that is all piano keys so that bordered next.  The width of that is at your discretion depending on what you need to make the size of the quilt. I followed this by another 1 inch border of solid black and another border of a music note material (preferably one that is white with black music notes).  Again, the width of this border is your choice. I used the same white from the center and put one more border, about 2-3 inches and then binded the quilt with the deep red.  This quilt turned out beautifully. All of my material is from Joann Fabrics.  I don't know if you have one where you are in case you wanted to know.  I really hope this helps!

Wow! That sounds absolutely wonderful. I do not have a Joann's here where I live. I had never heard of it until coming to this site. Now I wish I did have one and I'm one step away from doing a locator on all those stores to see if we have any in the state at all.


Do you have a picture of the quilt? I would love to see it. Unforutnately, I already bought all the material for her quilt. I would be able to finish the top this weekend if we weren't going out of town. I bought all black and white prints with musical note prints for the large border. This will be the same material I use to make her curtains. After that, we will paint her room, 2 walls black, 2 walls white. The black walls will have a white musical staff on it with notes and vice versa. She's very excited about it and I'm hoping it comes out like I have it visioned.


I plan on posting pics of the quilt and the room when finished.

Jodie, I was just reading through posts and saw your post of your daughters room.. This sounds very nice and just cant wait to see the pics....Soum
nds like you've got it going..... happy quilting to you... let us know when your finished...Rhonda
Thanks Rhonda. I'll be posting pics as soon as it's done.
Wow! I wish my room looked like that! I would be super excited too, and I am 20 :) When I was in high school I chose to do a fairy room with bright yellow walls and green carpet.  I love my music but I also love a lot of color.  I made my curtains with green and fairy material.  Like I said, I am 20 and I still love it.  However when I move out I will have my own "studio" or music room for practice and work in my house, and the way you are painting sounds awesome.  Unfortunately I don't have a pic right this second of the quilt, but I will post one when I get it.  I can't wait to see how all our yours turns out! Good Luck!!
How about a fence rail pattern?  Since you're having 2 black walls and 2 white walls I would think a fence rail would look nice.

saw some music note instrument fabric recently in either connecting threads or .hhhmmm cant think of the catalogue. but i am sure if you do an online search for 'music+print+fabric' that connecting threads and all sources of online fabric will come up. a freind did a quilt like that a couple of years ago...piano keys, instruments etc...then free motion quilted music cleffs etc onto was wonderful.


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