while visiting with a quilty friend yesterday, eleanore burns & her techniques came up. i mentioned in passing that she probably has a web site, all the other pro quilters seem to. so ..this morning, playing, instead of starting work, i did a eleanor burns search ..found a wiki page about her, so of course i went there first. bad wiki, just a eb promo. then went thru links shown on search and tried the one for quiltinaday.com whoa!! it actually took me here! TREASURE!!!


FREE quilt patterns, FREE block patterns!! it looks like she has renamed a few traditional blocks, maybe she tweaked their patterns a bit, i don't know. i haven't explored the pages here yet, i really do need to get to work! lollol ..so, ya'll take a lookey and enjoy while i go out into the soup cauldron and play with my favorite scoop shovel for a few hours :))


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You need the latest Adobe acrobat reader to open these files...but even so, my tablet doesn't even recognize them as pdf files :(

friday we ate taking mil shopping for some sort of tablet. she primarily only oes emails. i want to get a basic, hubs wants her to have photo capability. yours does, which one do you use? i don't think she needs the ability to open pdf's.

I really like the Dream Catcher pattern.

i do too. i still have the page open & now that packing for trip & back home from trip to visit GT's, maybe i can more fully explore the patterns available. i was totally surprised by how nice the site seems in the little bit of looking so far. i admire eb but have never been a fan

You can also access her online quilt in a day videos for free from this site. Just click on television an  videos at the bottom and it will give you a link.

I used the merrygoround pattern from her website to create these blocks

very pretty cheri!! i love the old traditional patterns like this one & i love that people like eb, jinny beyer, marcia hahn & others offer the patterns free on their websites.
...and i love those house blocks w the wonky stars!

I didn't make the house blocks. I took this picture of my blocks on the wall when I was at quilt camp at stitchnstay in vancouver. The lady who owns the place, Nancy, made them. They are her own  pattern.

i have a bad service provider, videos are too frustrating to watch, too much buffering. plus i prefer books or written word :))


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