Five years ago, l thought l would enjoy sharing my love of quilting by joining a guild in the town l then lived in.The ladies( and gentleman) were all nice enough, and l enjoyed the cameraderie, but the meetings were all business. What was being missed by me was actual sharing of quilting. This group was large, established,and organized.There was just so much "administration" that it turned me off. Since I've moved, I'm wondering if that was just an isolated case and that l should maybe try again.
Some of you may have experiences to share. Care to discuss them?

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Every guild is different, so it may take awhile for you to locate one you like.  My best experience was a group of about 10 women who met informally twice a month in a church hall.  They taught me so much, and we chatted and laughed through each meeting.  (No rules, no president, etc.)  We also would attend occasional quilt shows and go to quilt shops in neighboring towns.  Perhaps you could start a group of your own.  Church bulletin, library, local quilt stores, weekly newspaper, and word of mouth.  There are many of us around but you may have to dig to find us.  Good luck! 

Thanks, Andrea, that sounds like my kind of group.Perhaps l could get one going at the library in the nearest town:)


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