Five years ago, l thought l would enjoy sharing my love of quilting by joining a guild in the town l then lived in.The ladies( and gentleman) were all nice enough, and l enjoyed the cameraderie, but the meetings were all business. What was being missed by me was actual sharing of quilting. This group was large, established,and organized.There was just so much "administration" that it turned me off. Since I've moved, I'm wondering if that was just an isolated case and that l should maybe try again.
Some of you may have experiences to share. Care to discuss them?

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Personally I research a guild before I join it. I don't care for those that are over organized and huge. Prior to moving to the state I now live in I belonged to two guilds, both were very casual, non-sanctioned groups that did just as much as the group I currently belong to. They had developed some traditions but basically were extremely charitable and also consistently teaching. My currEnt guild is sanctioned, has a program or instruction every other month and is a little harder in that everything works by the calendar year. The group has doubled in the two years I have been there, I think we just reached 90 members, I very much enjoy it but find it more difficult to have my voice heard. Currently I have been asking for more beginner workshops as there are many new new quilter's - we shall see what or if this happens over the coming year. I find there are some very experienced quilter's in the group whom I love and will help when ever needed. I also find that there are some who can afford to take every workshop that comes along and do - I am not near that place nor do I want to be. I am very selective in what I do in an attempt not to overextend myself which I do constantly - I have five tops and backs hanging in the closet right now....oh and one on the quilting table :)
aaah...I think you qualify for membership in the U.F.O. group' Kathleen. You'll find encouragement and help when"stuck" as well as motivational tips.So how would you research a guild, ask around shops? Get invited as a guest?
Sounds good, I'll look into it, I'm working on my UFOs :)

Ive never found a guild that coinsided with my work schedule. I would be interested in hearing the take on this tho.

Hi, I don't know what your work schedule is but i work nights and our guild meets on Sundays which I think is a bit unusual. My daughter was over today and we were working on our guild raffle quilt (just have to attach two borders) anyway she says that there are many good online quilt quilds. I haven't looked into them but they certainly might be a good option.

I work overnights and sleep days. Im off fridays and saturdays. I think the neares guild is 45 miles from me (I could be wrong but it's the closest one I could find on the internet.) One day I will be able to look into it more...


I joined my guild about 15 years ago.There was about 100 members,over the years we're down to 60.I had a rough time when I joined,a lot of old members and they were't very cordial to new ones.If you had an idea they would turn it down,seemed like the old-timers had to have it their way.After I was there 5 years I decided to run for Pres.,well that didn't sit too  well with them so they had certain players on their team to run against me.Of course I didn't win. A couple of years ago I brought that incident up to one of the old members and she agreed and said they didn't want me in.MOst of the old members are now gone and a large majority are new.Everything is coming full circle now,nobody wants to serve on the board,last year we didn't even have a VP.Someone approached me about Pres.or VP.,I  hesitated but decided I would do VP.If anyone isn't familiar with the duties of VP they are the ones that schedule activities for each month.So far this year I've got 3 speakers and 2 workshops lined up.I agree with Riana,when she says she was turned off,that's one of the reasons I made the decision to run,I know a lot of new members join and they don't stay,I realize they're not learning what they thought  they were going to get so I hope I can change that around.


my guild has both a day and night group plus several smaller specialty groups so there is something for everyone. Only the day group has a business meeting and at only one of the two monthly meetings. Several guild activities that allow members to participate at the level at which she/he is comfortable. I enjoy the flexibility and probably wouldn't participate if it were not available.

When I first to moved to the area I'm in now the only guild was a rather large one.  I joined, it was all business, there was a show and tell, but it was a large group and it seemed hard to make connections with anyone.  I had a baby and looking after her and then her brother became a priority with quilting getting put on a back burner.  Since they are now old enough I can get more quilting done I have revisited the guild thing.  There is now a smaller guild in my hometown which is smaller and I do enjoy it.  Our Guild had found itself under the same criticism, that we were all business and no fun.  so we have looked at ways to change.  I have always found the show and tell my best inspiration, I love seeing what others do and it gets me going.  but now we have meetings but every second meeting is a sewing session, with only urgent business being dealt with.  Our guild organizes workshops once a month sometimes it's an organized class to learn a new pattern/technique sometimes an instructor is brought in, but most often it's guild members sharing their expertise.  this also keeps me going.  We also brought in one weekday a month for members to come in and sew all day, a way to get caught up on UFO's and projects.  At our meetings we do have a quick tips and technique time.  And during business meetings we try to schedule 15 minutes or so of social time.  with someone bringing in snacks/treats.  No matter the size of the guild it is sometimes hard to be a newcomer and see a problem but getting the group that is set in their ways to change is certainly a challenge.

Would it be possible to sit in on one prior to joining it? That way you could get the feel of it. You could also ask the person who runs it what the meetings are like. All business or some talking about quilting too. We have one where i live and they do a quilt block a month but they get together once a month and just enjoy each others company. Perhaps you could enjoy that type if you can find one. Good luck in your search. It never hurts to ask.

Hi...I am new to this forum.
I went to a quilting group at my church.
We did do some charitable work that we auctioned off once a year that benifited a church group.
We had members of all skill levels and everyone was eager to help with whatever someone might need.

Maybe if you contacted some churches in your area there might be such a group you would like to join. Not a quild, but lots of nice ladies to share with.
I hope this helped and gave you a new avenue to concider. I hope you find a nice quilt sharing home.
Linda in CA

l have found a great group of gals here in Texas where l spend winter. We do everything together from knitting to quilting to beading and learn a lot from each other. When l get back home, l'll give the church groups a try ,thanks:)


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