my oldest grand treasure loves the world of laura ingalls wilder books. thinking of christmas time & personslity sppropriate gifts for each of the girls. the laura ingalls wilder fascination sent me on a web search for info. though i know who she was, i never read any of the books, never saw the tv show of little house on the pririe. in my search i happened upon the web site of linda halpin. she is a quilt historian as well as author, quilt designer etc. her writings are always, i think, interesting & well written reads. i have followed her writing for years. her section on wilder is fabulous. discusses style of quilts made by the ingalls women, material sources, scrapping techniques etc. there's also links to bio of almanzo wilder & his family.
anyway!! after my fun wanderings thru the prairie writings & such, i decided to check out some of the other sections of linda halpin site. for last few days i have been wading thru her extensive list of tips & tricks. fun, useful & interesting ideas & info on everything including thread buying, needles machine & hand, fabric usage, etc etc etc. great read for new & experienced quilters.
the link ....

on the left side of this page is list of links to other areas of this site. one of the links, "laura ingalls wilder", takes you here ...if you are a Little House on the Prairie fan, this is fabulously rich article on 1860's quilting the ingalls & wilder families and more!

...and, my eldest grand treasure is geting a selection of Little House on the Prairie fabrics for christmas to add to her growing stash of quilt fabrics! :))

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Andover Fabrics has a whole set of Little House on the Prairie quilt patterns. Check out this link-

great patterns, thanks ginny! my original search query was for images of "little house on the prairie quilts". my idea was to find quilts made with patterns typical of the era & region. if you read the article i linked to in the discussion, linda halpin mentions that it appears that laura mentions mostly 9-patch patterns. then she, linda halpin, goes on to say that 9-patch encompasses many blocks. fact any block that breaks in to a nine patch grid. i found the article very interesting. and the nine patch idea is also perfect as my little quilter is currently interested in the 9-patch concept. while here she was developing a medallion design starting with a 9-patch block. :)) ..she's such an interesting little child. it was a very busy, hectic & short visit. i never got to ask her where she had heard about nine oatch blocks. she has read all the wilder books, so it may have been in one of them.


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