Im working on anew whole cloth quilt and I wanted my design repeated so I drawed out a 96 inch panto. To draw my pattern onto my fabric I sprayed my panto with basting spray. This keeps your pattern from shifting as you are drawing out your pattern. I pin my panto to the carpet with t.pins. I move my fabric row by row as I am drawing out my pattern. After afew rows you will need to spray your panto. I have found that washable markers are the best for marking out patterns because it is faster then other methods I have used and it washes out nicely I also saw Linda  sharing agreat idea for quilting on a useing painters tape you can mark off primeters for quilting different designs. example if you mark off 1 inch across the tape to do different quilting designs in that inch repeating across the quilt. Linda T shows a demo on TQS. Great ideas.Sharing a photo of my panto design.  


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