I watched an episode of the story trek and Todd interview a lady with an addiction and her husband is very supportive. I watched in anticipation and Yes! She is a quilter. She quilts 400 to 500 quilts a year!

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That's more than one/day!...she must be doing " just" the quilting and not doing the top's construction... unless she has it down to such a science that she can cut/sew/quilt all in a day or less. To me, part of the fun of quilting is planning the quilt, then pulling the fabrics before construction. Then, on completion of the top, l love planning how to quilt it...fmq style for charity quilts and by hand for "special" quilts. l doubt l could ever be a 'quilt-in-a-day' person...but to each their own.

agreed! at 365 days/year ...i couldn't even do 400-500 bindings a year. what size quilts? i love the entire process from conception to planing, piecing, layering, quilting & binding. and if i had nothing else to do except quilt, i still could not do 400-500 quilts a year.

....and what is "story trek"?
Sorry. I thought I clicked post reply but it didn't go. The Story Trek is a TV show on BYU TV. They go to the different states and randomly select cities, then a location in the city and interview whoever is willing to share their life story. It is always inspirational and interesting. Todd does a great job of drawing people out and editing their story into short interviews. Everyone has a story is the theme.


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