When I was a kid, I loved when we went on road trips because my Dad would always stop at Stuckey's (Restaurant/ Truck Stop) and buy me a snowglobe of the places we had visited.  I had dozens of them at one point in time, but over the years they were lost or broken.  However, I always think about them, even today, whenever I travel somewhere.

Some people associate snowglobes with winter and Christmas time, so this is going to be 2 swaps in one.  You can participate in either one or both, if you like.  Since it will take a little longer for those who might want to do both, you will have until the end of February to get your blocks to me.


Blocks should start out at 13" x 13" so that the receiver can trim them down to 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".

Stuckey's Road Trip blocks can be on any color background, but the globe itself should be a recognizable destination or landmark.  Even though it may not have a name on it, as my sample does, something about the piece should give us an idea of the locale.  (ie. Cablecar - San Francisco,  Grizzle Bear - Yellowstone) It can be where you're from, where you live, or some place you have on your bucket list.

Winter/Christmas block are to be on White or White on white/ off white backgrounds.  The globes can be anything related to winter or Christmas, and the more glitter or sparkly the prints, the better.  Birds, Angels, Santa, Penguins, just about anything.

Make 12 blocks, send in 11, get 11 back.  You can either send a self-addressed, stamped return envelope, or to make it easier, you can send a check for $7.35, and I will send them back to you in a flat-rate envelope.

Stuckey's Road Trip:

1.  Kathy G

2.  Donna R.  received

3.  Jean M.  received

4.  Melanie K. received










1.  Kathy G.

2.  Jean M.  received

3.  Melanie K  received










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Hi all - I know this had been postponed, but I just found the cutest fabric for my winter blocks!  Can't wait to work on them, but I will work on finishing up my other projects first.

I have been playing with my snow globes and looking forward to seeing everyone’s and showing off mine even though it will be quite awhile yet.

Jean, I know,  I want to jump right in, but will wait until my second quarter projects are done and posted.

Yay!  I can finally post a photo.  I finished these on Sunday.  They’re more attractive than the picture lets on, if I do say so...  

Now I need another burst of enthusiasm to get those winter ones done.

Looking Good Jean

Thanks, Donna!

These are so cool, Jean! I love the Black Hills of SD. One of my favorite places to be!

Ginny, are you going to join us on one of these??  Please let me know so that I can enter your name.

 Thanks, Ginny.  We were just there in June.  Had a great time.  Quilt stores there are great, too.

Jean, I just love these.  This is going to be a really fun swap, I think.  I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.


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