Very, very new quilter here.  I have completed one and working on the second one.  I find I'm already started to have left over little bits.  How do you store your fabric so you can find it later?   I'm slowly getting my sewing room into some sort of order.

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I usually stack any yardage by color and place on closet shelving.  The smaller pieces I cut into 2, 3, or 4 inch squares and put in a container for a possible scrap quilt later.  This system seems to work out the best for me, but most people just come up with there own way of doing things.  I also usually buy fabric for each project, I don't have a large stash...alot of quilters have yards and yards of fabric in there stash.  I kinda envy that, but I don't have the buy on impulse gene.  I wish I did sometimes.  There are so many ways to deal with fabric storage...I have no doubt you will come up with a system that works best for you.

I store anything bigger than a Fat Qtr in decorative boxes by color on shelving.  I keep fabric in boxes to keep off any dust.   Fabric smaller than Fat Qtr is rolled and put in a basket for easy viewing and using.  Small scraps are tossed into an open bin, I usually go to this bin if I am doing snip it art item or am using  fabric as a package tie.  I suggest not using wire shelving  because it makes marks on your fabric.


PS I live in a dusty area of Texas, so it is best if I keep my fabric protected. 

Great ideas.  Right now I have a linen closet that I have to share with tablecloths, LOL, so that might work.  I like the idea of pre-cutting smaller pieces.  Thanks

my fabric is slowly displacing the xmas decorations in thier appointed closet. the xmas decs?....prob go to just isn't the big deal it used to be for us.

check out the scrap user's system by Bonnie Hunter on Quiltville, she's got some great ideas for scraps  I wish I had been doing this from the get go!  I also use scrapbbok cardboard to wrap larger cuts of fabric and then I stand them up on the shelf like mini bolts.  They stay a lot neater for me than stacks of fabric.  Still haven't found a great idea for the FQ's.

TY, TY, TY, that is an awesome site and full of ideas for all those little bits.  I will probably start with shoe box bins and go bigger as I accumulate more.  Again, thank you!

I have a very large stash. I have everything in clear plastic boxes according to color for fat quarters, or according to project when I've purchased coordinates for a certain quilt. Even with being able to see it all, I"lose" things, you know that "I just had that, now where is it?" situation!

A system for finding it later?? HUH, what an idea lol. I am one of those quilters with tons of yardage and I have no system, storage varies from shelves to huge rubber maid tubs to whatever surface I can find to stack something on in the sewing room. I have a tshirt that has an image of a lady bent over, searching for stuff, fabric flying in all directions with the caption, 'quilter's search engine' I believe that pretty much sums it up at my place.

I've been trying to organize into storage drawers. But they keep having sales on fabric. Not getting very far with these just not big enough

Try the mini bolt idea.  Find a scrapbook store see if they will sell you scrap cardboard that comes with the paper, Usually 12 x12 in size then wrap your larger cuts of fabric on it.  Voila mini bolt. stores upright on a shelf easy to see easy to use and easy to clean up! They fit very nicely on my shelf.  Otherwise I keep fabric for each project in a box or container with that project.  I used to store stuff in boxes and drawers and I couldn't see what I had and kept losing stuff or forgetting I had stuff and so now I keep each project in it's own see through box in my closet (no doors) and I try to keep all my fabric in view stored on a shelf.  But by no means am I as organized as I'd really like to be!


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