Recently, AQS posted a 'status' on the home page offering a link that was represented as stocking stuffer ideas for quilters. And although the ads showed items many quilters would enjoy, l thought it would be MORE FUN if we had a bonafide disscussion on what stocking stuffers YOU would like to find in your stocking. ( And l'm talking about little gifties that are under ,say, $25.00). So how about it...what would make you grin on Christmas morning if you found it in your stocking?

 a couple of fat quarters? how about some cool colors of machine embroidery thread? 'A twister' ruler?

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i'd like a stocking full of polly sheen. the little spools in every  color imaginable. it's crazy how much of that I actually go through with my applique.

ls it kind of like machine embriodery thread ( only that's rayon, not polyester)? l've never heard of it.

When it comes to quilting, you can never go wrong with gift certificates. I have so much, but there is always something I need. And I confess I am a "fat quarter hoarder". LOL

I will never turn down fabric in any form. I would love to see what Santa would pick for me, getting a little idea of his fabrics preferences. Small kits, tools/rulers/disappearing pens or pencils, thread, and a nice gift certificate so I can go get those little things that inevitably crop up as needed during quilt making.

My husband got me a nice ceramic marking pencil with an extra package of ceramic "lead" in different colors. I just bought a new Tiara quilting machine and I have subjected him to quite a few You Tube videos about the machine, and somehow he remembered the hosts using these pencils! He was so excited that he would not wait for Christmas, he gave them to me as soon as he got home from the store. I would also love to have some rulers, maybe some spare machine needles... these would all make great stocking stuffers.

i looked at the link AQS posted ..while i agree that the pricey suggestions certainly weren't in the stocking stuffer category ..not on my budget anyway! i have a friend who has that little 360' panasonic iron, i've researched them on the net --and i want one. sigh ..but they are pricey. oh well. otherwise, there's not much i want or need. and i don't have a christmas stocking anyway :)). i usually find my wants & didn't know i needed on sale, at yard sales etc. and my annual christmas trip to Fabric Depot is next weekend. i'll hit all the manager specials racks, the 50% off remnant racks, the discount tables and anything else hubby spots that's on sale that he thinks he can talk me into buying. :)) ..he knows i won't pay full price for anything, so he's become quite adept at spotting sale signs!! lollol


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