I was thinking of doing a St. Patrick's day block swap- 12" block come the beginning of the year.  I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in participating.  I have seen so many adorable blocks out there that I thought this might be the perfect project to start the new year. Whose in?  

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This is the block that I will be doing

I might be interested after the 1st of the year.
I haven’t swapped before, but I would like to participate! Would it be any 12in block with st.Patrick’s Day theme, or will there be a specific pattern?

The idea is for each block to be different.  There is no set pattern that must be followed. However once I get a group that is willing to participate there will be a list of rules.  Most of them are simple and common among groups like this.  I usually ask that you use quality fabric and I will be adding the stipulation for this project that the background fabric must be white.  It can be white on white but no grey or creams.  I have found that if you don't pick a background color for the whole group you will usually end up with blocks that are very hard to match into your quilt.  Other than that as long as your block follows the theme and is the correct size I am pretty loose on everything else.  

Great! Looking forward to it.

Will have to see if I can get to these.  Will keep on the burner.

You can count me in.  It sounds like fun and I like 12 inch blocks, they make a decent size throw.  I love swaps, so much fun to see what everyone does.

Jackie, I was wondering if we could set a deadline for people interested in joining this group.  I had a great idea for a block i'd like to make, loved yours, by the way.  I think  St. Patricks Day is a great theme, of course I would being Irish and loving green.  Come on girls, My Irish Eyes Are Smiling at this idea.  You can be a Wild Irish Rose and  knock out some green and white blocks

Jackie I would still like to do the St. Patricks block, so if it's a go count me in.

. Blocks can be either patchwork or appliqué. All blocks must be in to me no later than April.1st. Ifyou are looking to participate let me know. You will make 12 blocks  

Rules for the block:
Please wash all your fabric before you begin your project. I request this to will help ensure that colors don't run on the pretty white and that you do not have to worry about varying shrinkage. Different fabrics shrink at different rates no matter how good your fabric is.

Please use good quality fabric.

Background fabric MUST be White or White on White. NO grey, tan, eucre, eggshell or off white. White only!!!!!!!
The block size must be 12" finished blocks- (which means that when you mail it to me it should be 12 1/2" x 12 1/2")
All blocks must be St. Patricks day themed i.e. shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold or something of that nature. If you are questioning your idea please message me and I will help guide you.

For this block swap I am asking that your block be "on Point"- which means that you are basically making a diamond not a square.

I am so excited for this project. if you have any questions or concerns please let me know. Let the sewing begin.

This sounds great to me, I am for sure in on this one.  I love to occasionally make themed projects, besides the usual, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc.  Lets get started and have fun.


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